Paralyse This! 5-0 Swiss Worcester Sheriff (3rd finish)

published Sep 13, 2015 | | |
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Whizzwang 283

With all the Clowntrol decks running I sat down to find the best answers and settled on:

QUATERMAN - Cannot be Paralysed, Cannot be Phantasm'd. Give him a Fancy New Hat and he's a 1 stud, 1 influence pest that's nearly impossible to remove.

Force Field - The key shootout win strategy for Clowntrol involved Hex Sling and It's Not What You Know. Force Field removes that advantage. Keep dropping legel Full Houses and use the Force Field to make sure every shootout is a draw. With 17 dudes in the deck, they'll run out of guys long before you do.

Point Blank / Takin' Ya With me. - Force a draw with the Force Field and pop a Point Blank for an extra casualty. If they do beat you, pop a Takin'. Valeria has NO BULLETS which means it's easy to play both of these cards.

All that rolled together lends itself to a very beefy shootout package with very little your opponent can do about it.

Yes, Qbert cannot use Point Blank, however nearly every dude in deck is a stud. You also have Flame Throwers and Neutralisers to make sure you're studded up.

A note on Neutraliser - I expected to see a lot of rapiers so this forced my hand into going all in on Queen value rather than just Takin' as an off suit option.

As a gun, it turns off the bonus bullets from rapier - and since it's immune to opposing card effects, it cannot be booted by your opponent to try and get their bullets back. This was an inspired choice for the day as I faced 3 rapier decks in the swiss - 2 of them trying to abuse Nathan Shane.

Lost in the Semi final to the eventual winner and there was simply nothing I could do about it - I saw he was running Hot Lead flying and starting 2 guys guaranteed to trigger it, at the point where he reshuffled his deck I had only seen 3 and knew it was a matter of time before I took it to the face. (It also didn't help that I saw 3 of my Qberts in a T1 pull and T2 lowball giving me very few outs for the whole game.

Steve's deck is amazing I strongly recommend you check it out here:

Sep 13, 2015 mplain

Well done! :)

Sep 14, 2015 Gozik

So after you was challenged to build a deck with Paster you dropped him and build this? Well done.

Still this deck has no chance vs real control with rumours and low number of events, not aggroparody, that most peoples are plaing now. Don't know why everybody starts to call deck with 4 hex slinging as control deck.

17 dudes is not really much, my clowns runs as much, and every dude in this deck is with his own influence. You never will be able to call out any dude, and EDS only helps to remove starting Travis and Bobo.

Good thing that you have only 7 cards that will stack in your hand in this case. But I don't see how this can win.

Sep 14, 2015 mplain

Well, the original deck that was discussed started Louis Pasteur out of the original Morgan Cattle Co. outfit and ran no gadgets other than 4x Quaterman, so this is a different deck altogether. Still, getting to the top 4 with a Gadget deck is a feat of its own.

@Gozikfew people actually play Control Clowns as well as you do, so when you say "Real control would beat this" what you actually mean is "I would beat you", and that's kinda cocky ;) For the type on Clown decks that most people are playing, this is probably good enough.

Sep 14, 2015 Whizzwang

@mplainThe original didn't start Louis - it ran Louis and 4 Qmans. The deck as it stands now is the culmination of about 6 weeks of testing and tweaking. The heart and soul is still there. Up until the night before I was running 2 x Louis main deck, but swapped one for a Max Baine to tech against slide. Send the Qberts to their ranches and grab some free influence so you can spread the hats around.

For the record, I believe your original call out request to do well with Louis and Qman was:

"You do that man, you win a Sheriff event with a Louis Pasteur + 4x Quaterman deck in a field full of clowns, and you will have my respect, and a lot more weigth to your words. This will be a great achievement."

While I sadly could not take the top spot, I am MORE THAN HAPPY with 3rd place at the biggest Sheriff event in the world. Alas, it seems that LD is still the hardest match up for this deck. If I had maybe seen a T1 Robot I might have been able to fend of Wendy, but even then it would have been a tough call. Having now seen Steve's deck and how much looser his deck structure was I would approach the game in a whole different way. Hindsight however doesn't win games :)

Still, I got a near complete set of the alternate art and that's all I wanted from this seasons events - mission accomplished.

Sep 14, 2015 mplain

@Whizzwangfrom the way you described how Louis Pasteur is an efficient counter to Paralysis Mark, I assumed that you meant to start him, or play him reliably (2-4x). I think that quote should be seen in the context of the discussion.

I wonder about the 'field full of clowns' part. You said this deck didn't lose a single game to clowns in testing, but how many games did you play against huckster decks over the course of this tournament?

Nevertheless, it's an interesting take on the Gadgetorium. I'm going to test it on Octgn.

Sep 14, 2015 Whizzwang

I played 3 clown decks all day - 1 full on control clowns - another I played twice abusing Avie Exp after paralysing guys (really REALLY good).

I'd suggest the following changes if you want to give it a whirl:

Drop Flamethrower and go 3 x Force Field 1 x Evidence. FF is just so good right now you want to see one early. While the Flamer is good, if you lose a MS early and you've invented a neutraliser, you can't play them.

I'd also maybe lose the Rapiers in favour of something else. They are only in there for my "Gentleman Duelling Robot" Shtick. There are so many guns around at the moment, you're unlikely to get the bullets from it. I'd keep El Grajo though, a 3 cost guy you can chump to casualties and trigger TYME or use him as a 1 stud PB if they have some 0 bullet nuisance in the opposing posse.

I'd also drop the EDS, I didn't use it all day and wished it was something else every time I drew it. Not sure a 4th PB is needed though. Maybe a Secret Tunnel to give you a splash of mobility for a booted dude? Or a singleton Good Stiff Drink for Jacki? Either are still edge case uses. but still better than EDS

Sep 14, 2015 mplain

@WhizzwangI swapped Rapiers for Holy Wheel Guns, and went 2x Point Blank + 2x Nightmare at Noon.

Sep 14, 2015 Whizzwang

@mplainNightmare's not a bad call. It's easy enough to arm Jen and Byrne to stop it crippling them. Only really hurts Grajo, and a single dude affected by it isn't really a concern. I like it.

Not sold on the wheel gun. I found that the neutralisers were so good they just stop you inventing other weapons after you have one. Without dropping the FTs either you're stacking a lot of weapons you might not be able to play. Let me know how you get on with them (I ended up taking mine out - for rapiers oddly enough)

Sep 14, 2015 mplain

@WhizzwangI'm starting Howard Aswell in place of Travis so I think I should have some spare hands to invent guns. I just don't see 1-bullet Quaterman as a serious threat.

Sep 15, 2015 Gozik

So we have tested this deck vs 4RC. We have played 5 games and every game was won by clowns. We have switched decks to reduce player skill factor, but this did not help. Probably we did something wrong, but in every game clowns rush more control points to second sundown than gadgetorium had influence, so scientists had to go out and shoot, and everytime they did lose shootots. Even the one where travis had 5 bullets with flamethrown.

Sep 15, 2015 bithlord

The biggest concern I have with this deck [and with quatermans in general] is a plain lack of influence. Seven total dudes, including the start, with influence worries me a lot. Especially when one of them is Jake, and only has influence during nightfall. How do you play around the 4R control player, paralysis marking your non-quatermans and just avoiding the quatermans entirely?

Sep 16, 2015 Whizzwang

Planting a tooled up Qbert in town square is generally more than enough to keep the clowns on their side of the street. At that point you take the time to build, or, if they think they can start dropping deeds to try and slide you out, as soon as they extend their street beyond a single deed either side of their home, it becomes all about the chess game.

4 hats, Byrne, a handful of ranches and Max are more than enough influence since you start with 5.