Gun-fu (Livonia, MI3rd place)

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doomofthepeople 5

First round was against a Morgan Gadget deck. I was able to catch Irving early and alone, from there I was able to get a Hustings and wait to catch some more influence.

Round 2 I was up against an Eagle Warden deck, he was able to soak casualties with his tokens but I was able to get a shootout where I caught him with a Coachwhip! and Hot Lead Flyin' for 3 casualties. After that I was able to establish board control.

Round 3 had me against Banditslide, unfortunately I was just digging for Hurting a as that was all I had that would do anything to his deck. He was able to keep the influence high and my dudes spread out. Great game and definitely showed some holes in the deck.

Round 4 was against 4RC starting Avie Cline (Exp.1), he got a slow start, I was able get Valeria and Avie off of the table. From there I was able to get a Shotgun and dropped the deeds I could and tried to force shootouts. He dropped Nicodemus Whateley, then time was called, I was able to position the board to keep the cotrol points.

Round 5 saw me facing Desolation Row, unfortunately this is where my memory gets foggy, I believe a was able to get another Coachwhip! into Hot Lead Flyin' round or it was a Coachwip! I'm the first round followed by a Coachwhip! in the second round of the shootout. I was able to keep board control after that.

Top 4 against the earlier 4RC, he got a better start this time around and I made several movement errors that he saw and exploited. This put me in a position to have to move more of my pieces around the board and he made some great plays which ended my tournament run.

I had a blast in all of my games and some great game theory discussions as well.

I think this is a solid shell but it does need a way to force shootouts, this could mean dropping cards for Kidnappin' or possibly Ambush. Establishin' Who's in Charge might not be a bad choice either. Time and testing will tell.

Sep 23, 2015 doomofthepeople

The 2 copies of Ramiro Mendoza should be 2 copies of Raking Dragons.

Sep 29, 2015 MadHamish

I guess Back Ways should be Make 'em Sweat - link is correct, text is not. (Else your deck would not be legal with 8x 2 club).

Sep 29, 2015 doomofthepeople

@MadHamish Hmmm, weird. It should be Make 'em Sweat, it shows up as the correct card for me in the deck list and when I click on it so I'm not sure what is going on.