Double Dealin' Super Mario

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RNash 43

A deck built with two Base Sets and Double Dealin' for the Beginner Buyer's Guide.

The plan: Move Mario Crane and Allie Hensman into town square. Boot Allie for control points every turn (bonus control can be made using The Sloane Gang outfit card and your other dudes), and if someone comes to town square you call them out with Mario Crane by himself to take advantage of his trait.

Mario's trait means he can stay in fights solo for a really long time as long as you can make a legal hand that is a high enough rank. The goal here is to keep making legal flushes, which is high enough to keep Mario alive against Full Houses or Four of a Kinds, the most common hands in the game. Usually one of four things will happen: your opponent will give up and go home booted; your opponent will cheat; you will get a straight flush; or you will fail to make a legal flush/full house and you will lose the shootout.

The dudes, deeds, and goods are the best of the bunch available without having any duplicate values and providing the best chance for full houses on 2, 3, and 5.

What's missing: The main thing this deck wants outside of these sets is different options for dudes, deeds, and actions. Most especially making the starting gang better is the first step to improving it.

How to expand: This deck is basically unchanged since Mario's debut. Additional sets will change what options are available for dudes, deeds, and clubs on various values but the core structure of the deck stays the same. The best sets for adding to this deck are Faith and Fear for Maria Kingsford, Makaio Kaleo, Esq. and Faster on the Draw or Election Day Slaughter for Jake Smiley and Hunter Protections. Pretty much any set with decent Outlaws, neutral dudes, or shootout clubs will also be of benefit to this deck archetype.

Cards from Double Dealin': Mario Crane is what makes this wacky deck structure viable. Hustings is a strong way to close out the game, though it is potentially dangerous if your opponent can take control of it. It's Not What You Know... is a very strong Cheatin' Resolution that can double as a minor hand rank adjustment against legal hands if things are close enough for that to matter, which in this deck happens fairly often.

Structure: Flush on clubs, with a straight flush from A-8.

Dec 15, 2018 DoomDog

A Peacemaker for Mario might be a good call here.

Dec 15, 2018 RNash

That's a good call @DoomDog! Not sure how I missed that one. Edited -1 Pair of Six-Shooters, +1 Peacemaker.