Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 2 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 1

That schoolmarm don't take no guff. She's as good with a gun as she is with the kids.
Neutral • Matthew Sweeney • Base Set #46
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This schoolmarm don't take no guff! Story-wise Olivia Jenks is the wife of Wylie Jenks and Game-wise she's the posterchild for neutral cost to raw-stat efficiency early on! If you want the most bang for your buck in terms of out of faction influence, Olivia is your gal!


  • If you're looking to hang in for the long game with gadget decks or hex based decks that need time to develop, Olivia is a great addition! Sure in terms of pure cost efficiency Irving Patterson, Dulf Zug, or Lucinda "Lucy" Clover are perhaps better if you are playing their respective factions but if you need another high influence low cost character to buy you even more time, Olivia is your best choice! The Sloane Gang has no equivalent low-cost 2 influence dude in faction yet so Olivia can always find a good home there!
  • At 2 influence, Olivia is probably going to make up a significant amount of what is keeping you from losing the game so it's not always a good idea to expose her unless there is a great deal to gain by risking her.
  • She has 2-Draw Bullets as well meaning she won't go down without a decent fight but unless you've got a massively powerful draw structure you may not want bet 2 influence on just 2 draw bullets!
  • Adding onto the previous point, she is a 2-value dude making her extremely vulnerable to Shotgun and to a slightly lesser extent Soul Blast. Nothing stings more than losing 2 influence without having a chance to fight back!
  • If you're looking to achieve your win conditions past the 4th day, Olivia might not be the best choice as a starting dude. Her 1-upkeep is going to sting quite a bit by that time if you haven't established a solid economy by then! Androcles Brocklehurst is likely going to be a better choice in that case at just 1 GR more starting off as he is also likely to generate you some GR each turn as well!