108 Gracious Beatings - Ranger Top 8

published Oct 16, 2020 | | |
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Deputy_Greg 22

After not having success with my Law Dog DMH deck, I decided to try something a bit different. I wasn't quite sure about what the meta would shape up to be, but I saw Kamacausey's deck at Gencon 2019 (https://dtdb.co/en/decklist/3029/gencon-2019-winning-decklist-108-amazing-bullies) and thought about building it myself.

My deck ended up being almost identical. The Anarchists starting line up is extremely strong, bordering on unfair (in my opinion). Might as well abuse it!

I didn't take any notes, so this is all from memory. I apologize for anything I got wrong.

Round 1 - The Ledgerman - The Sloane Gang

Bowie Knife beefed up my dudes and I outshot him. Record 1-0.

Round 2 - LastWalter The Spiritual Society

I was not expecting this deck. Those poor Anarchists got slaughtered. Record 1-1

Round 3 - DirkPortly - House of Many Faiths w Ezekiah Grimme

I got more bodies out and thanks to Amazing Grace, was able to take over the town. Record 2-1

Round 4 - Blargg - Office of Ancestral Affairs with Doc Holliday

He wasn't able to get any deeds in play. I was able to get out a bunch of cheap dudes and a fair amount of deeds. There were a couple of shootouts that I managed to win, too. Record 3-1

Round 5 - Neramoor - Morgan Regulators with Darius Hellstromme

If the Anarchists starting posse isn't fair, the same can probably be said for the Regulators outfit. My posse didn't stand a chance against a bunch of studs wearing Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton. Record 3-2

At this point, I squeak into the top 8 and face...

Top 8 - Harlath - Morgan Regulators This deck was playing fleshy horses, but I was no match for it. Maggie Harris got his posse equipped. I didn't get many deeds in play. It was rough. Loss

Everyone I played was fantastic. Big thanks to the Pinebox crew for running this!