Ink-onceivable! That's Abominable!

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Whizzwang 272

How to make friends with The Tattooed Man

Tatters has a fantastic ability just ripe for abuse. If you would discard a hex for an ability you can put it back in your hand. Specifically, if you discard for Hex Slingin' or Magical Distraction you get to keep the Hex.


Funtime Freddyalways grabs Fetch and Ace in the Hole unless you have either in your hand. It doesn't matter which one you end up with as they are both 0 cost and their sole purpose is to fuel the two resolution actions. I chose these Hexes as they have somewhat decent abilities that can also swing a shootout.

The deck ONLY works out of Oddities of Nature you just don't have enough influence otherwise.

Aside from abusing the synergy of The Tattooed Manand the Resolutions, the back up play with the deck is to just not care about your guys dying. You have a very solid draw structure with ALL OF THE STUDS! so winning shootouts should be a breeze. However if it does go wrong you can just Raising Hell or Soul Cage them back in.

No Turning Back is an excellent cash generator in this deck. Use Summoning to play one of your in hand aboms for cheap/free, then play No Turning Back to ace them and make a tonne of cash - amazing synergy here with Undertaker

Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) is a must have card for this deck as he gets you dead aboms and hexes back after you have sacrificed them. - Worth noting No Turning Back on Ivor Hawley (Exp.1)doesn't do what you might think it does - it's NOT PRINTED cost so you can't sneak him out for cheap with his trait and then kill him for nine Ghost Rock - nice try though :)

Other than that the deck is just more abominations so that you don't accidentally turn off Karl Odett and they are spread over a couple of values so you can hopefully always hit something with Soul Cage.

On that note - don;t expect your opponent to cheat unless they have absolutely no other choice. The fact you can always Magical Distractionand# Soul Cage is terrifying.

Jan 17, 2016 Doowa

I've been playing around with a similar build, but ended up not starting "Tatters". My concerns with the deck is: very few starters, tough economy (you need a deed, you wanna play a soul cage with few gr) and no forced shootout actions. Would love to hear some "battle stories" when you've had some games as I absolutely love the idea of The Tattooed Man.

Jan 18, 2016 jaythejester

By experience playing against an extremely similar deck (his had paralysis mark, so I don't know what exact changes existed), this deck handles decks that cheat very well, between the magic distraction almost always hand ranks 11. Also the Soul cage pulling Ivor xp1, and Ivor pulling more aboms, means it's very very hard to take down while cheatin'. It than also has answers to losing against non cheatin' high hand ranks with no turning back.

The big concern I see is influence, especially against landslides, as this deck has no offensive jobs.

Jan 18, 2016 Whizzwang

@jaythejesterSoul Cage can't pull Ivor out of the bin it can only bring Jacks and lower back. Influence isn't a huge concern, I recently loosened the draw structure and added another pair of Paggies and a The Fourth RingBrute which are a lot easier to Cage. I think the latest iteration can get up to 28 Influence if they're all sat in town square.

I've also gone to 3 Summoning to use as control point gain, while they don't force shootouts, if you let them go off I get a free Abom with a CP so eventualy you have to start defending. - It's not great and I think some Election Day Slaughter might serve that purpose better

Jan 18, 2016 jaythejester

It's cost equal to or lower on soul cage, not value. With Ivor's lowered cost for every abomination in play or aced, it's very common to see him get caged in.

Jan 18, 2016 Whizzwang

Heh, so it is. That'll teach me to me build decks on a whim and read the damn cards. May have to up him to 3 of.

Jan 18, 2016 Doowa

I'm still worried about camping TS with 2 dudes while you also have to protect Karl. So many actions will ruin your day while not cheating.

I guess more paggies and stuff helps and with that few spells to pull for the off values are ok..? What happens when you boot home after Summoning? You'll lose so much bonus inf. And isn't it a problem to contest deeds? So many questions, sorry

Jan 18, 2016 Whizzwang

@Doowa Generally my first 3 action are - move to TS, move to TS, move to TS. Oddities lets; you control the first guy to walk in and nets you a cash to boot. General Store lets you get your spell out while Tatters is camping. worse case scenario, you can go home and pick up spells next turn leaving a town square full of threats.

Contesting deeds is only really necessary later game since you have 7 influence in TS to begin the game with and by then you should have dropped at least one or two extra aboms with notive influence to go and grab deeds.

Since you have stacked all your guys in town the only safe way for them to come and get your deeds is by booting across to them, at that point you just move a clown back and call them out because they can't refuse.

The Summoning Struggle however is very real. Sadly I can't help with this as it will always come down to personal choice at time of play as to who you send and balancing your influence is a fine art. Pharmacy is a nice slot for the deck as you can send tatters back after he's run it. Other than that nothing but practice will make that call any easier. I normally send tatters, a stud with a rapier and a paggie. This gives me a chud to soak casualties (use the The Brute later) and 2 high stud guys to threaten a Point Blank with.

Jan 19, 2016 DoomDog

@Doowa If you're having problems with influence loss, perhaps try swapping a Soul Cage or two for Guide Horse and give your summoner a pony that moves them back into the town square.