Control Through Murder (first deck!)

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Zanni 2

First real deck I've built myself! The crux of it is to use José Morales and Corporeal Twist to lower dudes to the point where they can be comfortably discarded or aced by the various cards in this deck (Shotgun, Point Blank, Soul Blast, Legendary Holster).

I'm still pretty new to all of this, as well as acquiring expansions (and sometimes splitting cards amongst decks), so give me some thoughts/pointers on this deck! I'd love to hear how it could be improved or where it could use some tweaking.

For example, I'm still pretty flexible on my starting gang: I like the versatility of having another Huckster with Benny McGill, but am not using his boot ability almost ever, since Allie Hensman forces shootouts in the town square anyways. Would I be better served with someone like Willa Mae MacGowan, or even switching up Jake Smiley for Clementine Lepp?

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to look at my deck. My goal was to come up with a novel, yet still effective, concept with the cards I had available.

Jan 04, 2019 DoomDog

I'd suggest picking up Faith and Fear if you don't already have it, as that would give you Maria Kingsford who I would use in place of Benny McGill. Antheia Pansofia from No Turning Back would also be a good option. Either dude would fill the backup huckster role that Benny currently performs, and also bring an all-important point of influence to your starting gang.

While I understand that the idea is to ace/discard dudes through card effects, I think the deck would still benefit from a couple more stud dudes. The reason being your card effects won't always be enough to end a shootout, and your draw structure is quite loose and may result in you taking big losses. More studs = more cards in your shootout draw hand, and so a better chance of getting a high ranked hand. An easy swap would be one of the copies of Steele Archer for Sanford Taylor. Adding Jacqueline Isham (also from No Turning Back) to your starting posse, perhaps in place of Travis Moone, would provide a cheap defensive stud dude to protect your hucksters in the early game.

Jan 04, 2019 Zanni

Thank you! I'll go ahead and make the Sanford Taylor swap now. Faith and Fear is definitely next on my list, so that change will come quickly as well.

As for making my draw structure a little tighter, I think it would behoove me to try to transition some 4's into 3's or 7's or whatnot. That may have to come after another expansion or two though. From a quick glance, I think Ghost Town or Blood Moon Rising might be what I'm after.

Let me know if you can think of any pretty obvious substitutions, improvements, or cards that would synergize nicely with the deck. I may even switch up a value entirely if I can find enough support for it. And thanks again!

Jan 06, 2019 Harlath

Worth considering Kidnappin' against defensive decks? Particularly if you're dropping Benny McGill for Maria Kingsford as suggested above (which I agree with). Admittedly you can force people to come to you by gaining CP.

Might be tempted to swap Soul Blast for Mirror, Mirror given the mid/low values in the deck, as much as I love the former.

Legendary Holster - values not quite reliable enough for this, so could drop it for another shotgun or two as you noted you're keen to tighten up your values.

Just ideas, your own testing and preferences should guide you too. Thanks for sharing!