Great Stuff Regulators - Top 8 Gencon

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Prodigy 764

Deck name spurred by comments from it's predecessor deck:

Swapped 3's for K's, mainly for Cavalry Escort, which really was an MVP, and a classic combo with Maggie Harris. I really wanted a full set of Sun in Yer Eyes, but taking 2 away and adding 2 Nightmare at Noon's was just as good. NaN is better than SIYE in some situations, but more often it's worse... however, when it IS good, it can be absolutely devastating, so having a mixture of that + SIYE is a great mix.

I did miss the shotguns, but overall I think the change puts this deck into a really solid place. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something, as I faced against more shotgun this tournament than any other I can remember! (What the universe is actually saying is beyond me...)

Gencon '23:

I took this event very casually, certainly not intending to go any further than top 8 if I were to be that fortunate - I really just wanted the playmat! - and as such I didn't take any notes (thankfully there is this ). Plus Morgan Regulators , even with the nerf, are clearly still very strong and that outfit certainly didn't need another big event win! There was a good showing of this outfit, so it was fun to root for whoever was playing against it - including my opponents of course! 3 Regulators made the top 8, so they're easy to hate ;)

In the 5 rounds of swiss I faced off against Serpentine clowns (props to my opponent for dressing the part!), spell-casting Sloane starting Allie Hensman (I think), Anarchist DMH quasi-slide (who pulled a legit DMH against me!), Black Hills Guardians, and a mirror match of robot-horses vs my flesh-horses.

All the games went roughly as expected for this deck, which is versatile enough to come out swinging T1 (usually only if they come to sit on your deeds), or sit back and build up the cash, dudes, and sidekicks before coming out. The money is usually great with this deck, so it's really just a matter of timing your aggression properly.

My 2 losses were in the last round of swiss vs AJ, and the top 8 vs eventual Marshal DeVon. In the game with AJ I had decimated all his studs, but just couldn't follow through with the win, and he was able to build back up enough that one day he had zero studs, and the next he had both a 4 stud and a 6 stud! Robot horses are no joke... That game went to time, ending in me taking a hilariously bad shootout, since both of us were already in the top 8 at that point.

Top 8 vs DeVon (aka shekky_ducky) with his clubs straight-flush Deadwood Miners Alliance is recorded somewhere I think? I don't remember many details, just really hoping DeVon would win, but also trying to make all the right choices to honor my spot at the table. Suffice to say it didn't matter how hard I tried in this game, those Deadwood Miners didn't need any help stomping me!

Overall I couldn't have asked for a better event - I'm really happy with this deck and likely retiring it for good, and we had a good turnout with some very stiff competition (difficulty always skyrockets when the Chicago crew shows up!). And as always everyone was an absolute pleasure to play and/or chat with about our beloved game! Congratulations again to @shekky_ducky, who has one of the best marshal-win-stories in recent memory! (a story I hope he tells in his deck write-up)

Oct 29, 2023 Andrew Davidson

I played the previous Good Stuff version and modified that deck to this version for an event today. I got in a couple of games against the Lawdogs but found I was outgunned again. So it's still not going great for me but maybe that was just the luck of the draw. I'll try again another day...