Harrowed Blockade, 5-0 Cph Deputy

published Apr 24, 2016 | | |
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Doowa 78

Managed to go undefeated at the Copenhagen Deputy tournament where we were thrilled to have participants from both Germany and Sweden.

The deck is highly inspired by Kollats Warden Blokade, but builds on attrition through the new Turtle's Guard and sidekicks. When the deck gets going it performs really well, but the main issue is definitely economy. Starting only 3gr, when loosing lowball and with 2 upkeep, you need to see a deed early to be able to recover if needed or play sidekicks. Luckily you start with very good dudes and opponents should always think twice before engaging you with a hand full of good actions.

  1. Game vs. Morgan Hex Control He never got enough hexes on the table and combined with a brass bullet start and much weaker draw structure. Game ended when the shooting was inevitable.

  2. Game vs. 108 SF Desires Fu Didn't really know if I should expect HLF, so started Willa so only 2gr left. Meaning I hard played a card other then actions. But he attacked with solo dudes and used the Rabbit Fu to get my bullets low, but my draw structure pulled throu with help from Coachwhip!. The SF didn't come together and the game was Eagles.

  3. Game vs. 108 Desires a lots of brass bullets.. This deck was a never ending flood of cheap dudes that kept kidnappin me and shooting hard. Coachwhip! saved my butt more then ones and not being able to split up for the fear of his evil brass dudes with 4 Kidnappin' and 4 [Election Day Slaughter] (/en/card/04021), the game went to time where my solid inf wardens took the tiebreaker. This game could easily have been lost.

  4. Game vs. ... 108 Desires (getting used to losing lowball by now..) For some reason this game is very blurred to me, sorry. I remember this game as a kind of Mexican standoff until I managed to kidnap Longwei Fu, who was blockading my Yan Li's Tailoring. Later the game went to time and he felt he had to shoot hard and couldn't get throu the wall of attrition.

  5. Game vs blessed Crusaders. Had a bad feeling about this game, expecting Holy Roller and Rico spotted No Funny Stuff in his hand. Luckily he felt confident when Erik Samson was swinging his Jael's Guile high.. He played No Funny Stuff and I shuffled 5 cards - he flipped not 1 but both my Hot Lead Flyin'. sad face In the end, the solo Samson died anyway. Unfortunately for the blessed, he still felt he wouldn't wait for the holy rollers and later HLF finished the game all to early. This was btw, the only game where Hot Lead Flyin' made a difference. I only ever played it one time in all the other 4 games, I think.

Overall, this is a really fun deck to play and when you get the economy up, I feel it has answers to a lot of the decks played atm. I don't even think you need HLF. It just fits the structure so well, but maybe other sidekick values could be better?..

Apr 24, 2016 aermet69

Well done and well played. :)

Apr 25, 2016 kollatt

nice modifications! i had already added turtle's guard and the mountain lions as well :] i suggest switching out rico for henry moran and a jake smiley since that brings you up to 5 dudes with an extra influence for the same cost without losing a high value starter slight for hlf. excellent work.

Apr 25, 2016 kollatt

henry can also occasionally help you pull out lowball since it's a problem for this deck o.-

Apr 25, 2016 Doowa

Yeah, I've been thinking long and hard about Henry and also Willa and Jake, but I really like Rico and his ability to spot if taking Town Square is doable.. I'm gonna try different setups moving forward, with and without Zachary as well...

Apr 25, 2016 Toqtamish

Why Funtime Freddy I'm curious ? I'm a New player.

Apr 25, 2016 Doowa

Funtime Freddy is a 3 gr Stud, which is why I like him. I have considered fx Tommy Harden, Who's nice, since I wanna be legal anyway, but there's so many dudes with upkeep in the deck already.

Apr 25, 2016 watbob1

How did only having one shaman in your starting posse work with Turtle's Guard? Did any of your opponents head straight for Enapay? And if so, were you able to recover from that?

Apr 25, 2016 kollatt

this is not the type of deck you'd normally want to try and kidnap first turn. high stud ratings that are spread out with hot lead flyin', sun in yer eyes, coachwhip and the ability to auto-send one of the job dudes during the attempt? no way. ( even more so if you are running the version with pistol whips ) even worse for them if you manage to win lowball and drop a turtle guard or sidekick first action.

Apr 25, 2016 LordManHammer

I dont think Doowa experienced anyone going for the kidnapping except the 108 brass bullets - and they went for the influence...

Apr 25, 2016 Doowa

ManHammer and kollatt are both right. A full posse Sloane, packing HLF might be a threat, but then I would prolly just defend with Enapay solo, depending on my own hand. And he would go home booted.

The 108 desires (2nd place) was the most shooty I faced. I actually think a serious 4R control would be my toughest matchup, but a better start setup/economy would make a difference.

Apr 25, 2016 kollatt

what would make enapay go home booted if he defended solo doowa?

Apr 25, 2016 Doowa

I mean, my opponents full posse would be booted at home after the job. Leaving the town open for me to draw cards and find a new shaman fx.

May 02, 2016 drkwizard

What are you going to switch out for the HLF's since the errata?

May 03, 2016 Doowa

I'll prolly not change a lot, but I am considering playing other values, thou I really like Mountain Lion Friend. 7s and 10s or even Qs look interesting and maybe start Rhonda Sageblossom. Let me know if you try something sweet!? ;)

HLF was never a "win condition", but just to good to pass up.