Circus Peanuts

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Dec 08, 2014 Wakachow

How did the deck perform at the event? Were there any issues that you noticed? What changes would you make?

Dec 09, 2014 flopcardboard

6 Player, three round event. we played best of three matches.

I went 1-1-1 over all.

Won 2-1 against a slight more shooter-leaning Fourth Ring mirror. Tied 1-1 against your typical Morgan Cattle control. Lost 1-2 against a Sloane Gang shooter.

The two Huckster starting posse was nice a handful of times, but likely probably not needed. I could definitely see making a swap from Wilber Crowley to Arnold McCadish, and cutting Clementine Lepp for Travis Moone. That change means you probably also revisit the Diamonds, dropping The Union Casino for a 3-for-2 Deed, possible Yan Li's Tailoring.

Paralysis Mark was an all-star card, and Too Much Attention was very good as well, but I think I'd keep it at two copies, as more would be superfluous.

I'd cut a single Forget for another A Coach Comes to Town, but know you can only really play that card in certain board states, or against control decks. Playing it against a shooter who can easily oppose the job is suicide.

I like the even split between Rumors and Reserves, but sometimes wish I had it more heavy or just all in on Rumors. Need more playtime to assess for certain.

Dec 10, 2014 mplain

How did Kidnappin' perform in a circus deck? And what about Too Much Attention, did you use it at all against 4R and Morgan?

Dec 11, 2014 flopcardboard

Kidnappin' was ok, it allowed me to go a little aggro on Morgan Landslide decks, but against a more traditional shooter, you either use it very carefully, or just cycle it away.

Too Much Attention really shined in the Sloane and Morgan matchups allowing me to shut off Allie and utility deeds I wasn't able to control., and it's always a card you can hit your own Deeds with if you just need to get it out of your hand.