The sickness

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Nobuyoki 8

Hello guys!

This deck is one of my favorite, and is really fun to play, at least in its previous versions. I never played it with the new cards that BMR brought, which is only Christine Perfect, which is really interesting in this deck.

The idea behind this deck is simple : give your opponent key dudes as much condition as possible, and protect the deeds that are interesting with smart moves and tummy twister. Jia is pretty core to this deck, since he allows you to get one "free" condition per turn of your choice, which is the important point. Do you need another Lost to the Plague to cripple one of their dude more? Or do you need one Tummy Twister to keep one of the deeds? And when your opponent greeded for this 2CP Deed that had a tummy twister, do not forget to make him remember to pay his dudes each day, or they will come back at them thanks to your sneaky Backroom Deals.

Every dude in the starting posse seems important to me : Ambrose Douglas for cheap influence and card cycling, and easily a double use of your outfit. Christine Perfect is just, well, perfect for Lost to the Plague ;D The Flying Popescus and Valeria Batten for cheap influence and huckster/stud in case your Jia Mein (Exp.1) got kidnapped in the first action of the game.

In this version, I tried to add Incubation, but I never tried the deck yet, as I said. I think it can be an interesting card, would it be against Mad Scientist/job decks or when you manage to use Deliberate Infection or there is some interesting dude booted at home. A funny combo is Incubation+Lost to the Plague, which means that the dude has +2 upkeed,-1 influence, and cannot get rid of the Incubation.

This deck has some problems though :
-a pretty "tight" structure, in order to not lose every shootout, which will make you lose nearly all your lowballs
-low starting economy of only, potentially, 2gr turn one. However, you can get back some cash with Backroom Deals or Jia Mein (Exp.1) if you play your conditions.
-no shootout actions, which means that your shootouts have to be chosen with care. Also, you shouldn't take any shootout while Jia isn't a stud.
-without Jia, this deck can work, but is way less efficient.

I think 9 is the only "core" value for this deck. I wondered if a 9/J/Q structure would be better, with the (too) great addition of the infamous Blood Curse, but that would mean getting rid of Deliberate Infection for It's Not What You Know.... While the second card is better than the first, I find the first way funnier, that's the only real reason I think. Another idea is to do 9/10/J to get your hands on Shadow Walk, but then, you don't have any cheatin resolution.

Anyway, just for giving this kind of deck some credit, it did well in its previous iteration against a mildly aggressive 108 deck, and it even managed to nearly win against an ultra aggressive 108 deck which kidnapped Jia T1. However, it seems it's not that fun to play against, but I think it's just something to get used to. It plays a lot on the chess play of Doomtown, which is, imho, the most interesting thing in the game.

Thank you for reading!

May 16, 2017 Orris

I love this concept as it's very original idea for using conditions. I've only known the deck with Jia Mein (Exp.1) based on Forced Quarantine. I like the fact you had used unpopular cards with the exception for "Open Wound" and starting posse. I'd love to test this deck next time I have an opportunity.

May 17, 2017 Gambler777

Have you tried this deck out of The Sanatorium or Full Moon Brotherhood yet? Seems like their abilities to target opponents with negative effects while your dudes remain in relative safety would fit the theme of this deck a little better.

I would definitely run at least one copy of Forced Quarantine in this deck. Being able to fish one out with Jia, while the opponent's dudes are reeling and the board is favorable, could seal a win, especially if you can manage to steal an expendable shooter for a turn with Backroom Deals.

I personally love having these types of "change of pace" decks being relevant because it makes the playing field more interesting, and the more avenues the game has to victory, the harder it is for any single archetype to plan for all of them.

May 17, 2017 Nobuyoki

The problem with The Sanatorium is that you will have a really bad economy, or you will need to thin out your starting posse. However, it can allow you to Lost to the Plague up to a q dude t1 with Christine Perfect. I prefer to play this outfit in a more aggressive deck with Soul Blast and Forced Quarantine for example.
Full Moon Brotherhood does not interest me at all in this deck, but it can be played maybe. Never tried, and I don't really like aggro decks, so I didn't really think with this outfit in mind.
Forced Quarantine could be used, but without Blood Curse, it's pretty hard to select your target. Incubation is still pretty situational, and Deliberate Infection has to be used first to be able to Quarantine the dude infected. However, it can be added by discarding a deed or dude, I think. I should probably try to play this deck to really see its potential with and without the opportune Forced Quarantine.