"...And Behold, an Ashen Horse..."

published Sep 03, 2017 | | |
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Derived from
Chess Spurs 8 5 5
Inspiration for
"...And He who sat on it had the name Death..." 2 1 0

jordan caldwell 369

Ran this in the Evil is a Choice event - got whupped pretty good but had fun trying to get Stone a go. Couldn't get the isolation play to work (Rope and Ride then A Fight They'll Never Forget for multiple CP), and once Jasper Stone had fired, my opponents expertly capitalized on his trait, sticking me with a small poker draw, despite my efforts to minimize this calculated risk (with cards like Jarrett Blake, Warren Graves, and The Highbinder Hotel).

Plan to give this another shot in the future, convinced my bad run was at least partly about luck! (Androcles Brocklehurst until Adrián Vallejo drops). Cheers!

Sep 03, 2017 DoomDog

I like this deck. When all the pieces arrive in the right order it can be really tricky to play against, but I can see Stone's drawback really hinders you if it's taking a while to put your combos together. Perhaps with Stone simpler is better due to his early game strength?

Sep 04, 2017 jordan caldwell

True. But simpler is less funner. Haha. I am open to suggestions here. Looking at the deck it was derived from, I may be second-guessing trading out the 5's for 2's (really: Pistol Whips for Peacemakers), as both values offer a bit of protection from shootouts-gone-bad in different ways.

Also, is it true that you can use Dr. Brian Foxworth's ability from anywhere (because it is not a Resolution)?

Sep 04, 2017 DoomDog

I believe so. He's a tricky dude, and one of many cards I should use more often.

Sep 10, 2017 Harlath

I think a move back to 5s as you suggest is worth considering - it lets you make use of your back-up dudes, increases your chance of acings Jasper Stone's target and offers a bit of protection if your opponent comes after you once you've used Stone. Or you could mix and match with Hiding in the Shadows to protect Nathan Shane? Letting you buff him up and then your opponent's cheatin' resolution with his ability, leaving you free to cheat!

I think there's good potential here, might even be worth trying out of Morgan Regulators instead, but as ever appreciate your willingness to push the envelope and try a range of cards.

Agree that Dr. Brian Foxworth can be used from anywhere as it is a react (similar to Ace in the Hole).

Sep 13, 2017 jordan caldwell

The Doctor works really well with Rope and Ride too as his double-standard facilitates playing the card while his react allows you to maintain a safety cushion without necessarily yielding ground. Plus, his nigh-inaceability candidates him for multiple copies.

Going back to 5's makes me really miss the Peacemakers though... especially with Jasper Stone!