Danny Wilde, Sentinel

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RNash 43

There has been a lot of discussion lately around things to do with Attire, and Danny Wilde has come up a lot as a pretty crazy dude. I was trying to think of something actually proactive to do with a dude who can't be called out, and this is the best I could figure. Having a dude who sits around immune to call outs is fine, but putting control points on him is pretty spicy.

The initial game plan is to load up your dudes with Attire, using Bethany Shiile to jack your influence up to stay in the game until your engine comes online. You really want to play deeds on turn one due to the two starting upkeep, but after that it's all dudes and clothes.

Eventually you will have Prayer and Sentinel in hand at the same time, and you can put Sentinel on Danny Wilde (who should be 3 influence, and thus safe from the vast majority of callouts). Activate Sentinel, move Danny Wilde to town square, wait until sundown to collect your control point. Ace cards out of your deck with Buried Treasure and the home ability, rinse and repeat.

Please note, this deck is likely very bad. It will take forever, it's super soft to removal jobs, probably can't race any kind of faster clock, and definitely puts a lot of eggs in very few baskets, but it's something.

Card choice notes:

Travis Moone is in instead of Christine Perfect because he won't get additional upkeep from wearing Attire.

Félix Amador can actually use Sentinel, so that's nice.

...It's who you know could probably get cut, it's just too cute for me to not put it in the first draft. It fails the pull on Sentinel and is likely the first thing to get hit when the Buried Treasures start going.

Once Too Tough to Die comes out, this deck could potentially be moved onto Q as a value to use Ranger's Bible and the more efficient deeds on Q.

Jun 28, 2018 jordan caldwell

Wow this is super janky...

Jun 28, 2018 RNash

@jordan caldwell Only the dankest of jank for the DTDB.

Jun 29, 2018 Harlath

Ha, loads of moving parts, but what a plan! Nice that there's flexibility for wacky things like this.

Go the whole hog and build in a back-up straight flash? Might be able to thin your deck towards it via Eagle Wardens and Buried Treasure? If you're going to jank, jank hard?

EW blessed via Prayer scores highly for rarely used parts of the card pool, top work. :)

Jun 29, 2018 RNash

@Harlath I could see a straight flush from 9-K, but honestly getting that to actually function would require enough of a rebuild that I just don't think it's worth the time investment. This deck is garbage, I mostly made it to poke fun at the other wombo-combos that the community seems fascinated with (Puppet + Mayfair Family Deck comes to mind).

Jun 30, 2018 Harlath

Father Tolarios, Mayfair Family Deck, Puppet and Friends in High Places/Amazing Grace might be the closest to making that actually work as he can dig for the mystical and miracle elements of that? Still reassuringly vulnerable to a job/forced callout, or even just using a high value dude.

As my decklists testify, I'm generally more a fan of straightforward and (hopefully!) efficient decks, but I'm entertained by the jank many people create.

Jun 30, 2018 RNash

I am also usually more of a straightforward deck person, I just don't post those on the DB. Don't really see the point in posting up "hey, here is yet another deck playing the best values and cards in this faction", unless coupled with a tournament report, a deck building restriction, or something innovative. I guess I come from a competitive CCG background though, so I probably have subconscious thought that someone else will put those ideas out there. I will likely start posting more standard decklists in the future, once Too Tough to Die comes out.

As for the Puppet nonsense, it is also vulnerable to good old fashioned chess. It also doesn't really accomplish much? Even resolving a Puppet optimally is probably not going to win you the game, and has the potential to just do nothing besides maybe move an opposing dude to a non-optimal location (out of town deed or something). Like I said, poking fun. I keep seeing "the sky is falling, you can actually resolve Puppet!" posts, but I honestly think that those decks are roughly as good as this one. That is to say, they have a game plan that works on a different axis than most of the rest of the card pool but don't actually get much done.