Nine Hells (for Christine)

published Mar 04, 2019 | | |
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Snow White and the Seven Devils - Berkeley Sheriff 1 2 1
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jordan caldwell 369

This deck, an "oldie but goodie" (see linked progenitor), sees a significant boost with Gateway and a couple new nasties. You can play it with or without Ezekiah Grimme; you can play it with or without Devil's Jokers; you can play it with or without using Funtime Freddy's Grifter React (though I typically prefer to use him unless I draw Ace in the Hole and/or Mirror, Mirror in my opening hand).

The early game plan is to target dudes with Full Moon Brotherhood and then Kidnap 'em. The mid-game plan is set up high production deeds and Summon creatures from hell. The endgame is to use these summoned creatures to kidnap your opponent's dudes by stepping through (aforementioned) Gateways.

I know @Doomdog once piloted and hated this deck - suffice to say that it doesn't fit all play styles. Open to suggestions except "remove Avie Cline from starting posse" because the deck is essentially built to accommodate her as a starter by playing specifically to all of her unique strengths (Huckster, Harrowed, 0-Draw, 2-Influence) while minimizing her weaknesses (2-upkeep).


Mar 04, 2019 DoomDog

I like the idea behind the deck, but I didn't get any economy set up with early on and I don't think I had any luck with lowball either, Avie's upkeep really held me back when I played it. It does look like it would be fun to play if you can get it going.

Mar 04, 2019 Lapp

Alternate to Freddy or Jake, could also try Agent P as another way to get The Harvester into play?

Mar 09, 2019 jordan caldwell

Ooh I like that idea!