Cheaters Punishing Cheaters - 1st place Madison Deputy Event

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Prodigy 695

*Starting with Jake Smiley - which means 0 GR to start.

Most of the Den of Thieves decks look pretty similar, with 7 being the most obvious value. 3's are pretty standard for any shooty deck (I still think Sun in Yer Eyes is the best combat card in the game).

4's were chosen as the off value because Coachwhip! (and a couple of Bottom Dealin') are the 2 best cheating punishment cards in this new meta. The simple fact is that there are only 2 ways to beat this deck - massive, continual cheating punishment, or cheating against you. If you aren't cheating, you probably aren't going to outshoot this deck unless you get lucky legal 5ofK's, and even then much of the time this deck gets DMH rank 11. There were so many shootouts I was in where I wished the ranks went higher than 11.

The extra ambush also proved to be very nice when it did come up - I feel like 4 kidnappin's just wasn't enough. Hexes, Gadgets, and deedslide demand constant kidnappin's, and Sanford Taylor helps with that as well. 2 Samantha "Sammy" Cooke's also proved very useful vs gadgets, plus she is amazing with a shotgun.

AlsoB & B Attorneys is obviously amazing with Milt. I felt like 4's were a very good choice.

The 2 No Turning Back's help a lot vs their cheating punishment like Bottom Dealin'. Most other cheating punishment this deck can handle, since you get bumped up so high with barton, the den ability, and the devils jokers.

General game play is pretty standard: use Rico, every game no matter what. If you don't have a kidnappin in your opening hand, you need to trade out Jake for Travis, then use Travis. You also start with an extra GR when you do that. If you know you are playing vs deedslide or slow decks like gadgets/hexes, keeping Jake in your opening posse can be a good idea - 4 influence is a little dangerously low when you are doing kidnappin's and everyone has to go home. Jake can make the difference, plus he's also one more dude that can sit on a deed and get that last control point for the win.

I did try Allie at first, instead of Jake, but it never worked well. She just doesn't do well with jobs that don't involve the town square (IE: all jobs in this deck).

Overall very strong deck, especially early on (which is where you want to get into the most shootouts possible), and the economy is great with Milt Clemons + Makaio Kaleo, Esq.. Very fun to play as well.

Things I might change, are maybe adding another Ambush. Before this deck I always thought Ambush was an awful card because of the cost, but considering you get 2 GR back right away whenever Milt is involved, it's not that bad at all. Otherwise I don't know there's anything else I'd change.

Dec 21, 2015 Flash

Very interesting, Im running a DOT deck at the moment as well, as am running Aces and 7s, but the other option was 4s. Still might go to 4s. Why would you get 2 GR back from Milt when running Ambush ? Even if you raise the bounty on him by two, (if the mark is at a private deed), Milt's ability only gives you one GR per bounty increase, regardless if that increase was by two or more GR.

Dec 21, 2015 Prodigy

It's all about the timing. First, his bounty increases because of ambush. Then the next stage happens, and if they oppose the job and a fight takes place on a private place, his bounty increases again. Those are 2 totally separate events, each triggering Milts ability.

2 GR for a kidnappin is sweet! But only spending 2 on ambush (assuming you have 4 to start) is pretty sweet too.

Dec 22, 2015 Flash

OMG your right. Ive been playing that wrong. Its two separate increases which means two activations of Milt's ability. Cool, thanks for that. Ive been focusing on building up Silas' bullets with Allie's ability as a backup (Last game I was drawing 18 cards per shootout), but after reading your list Im going to try the Milton aspect. Your right, its a fun deck to play.

Dec 22, 2015 Prodigy

Awesome - be sure to post your deck list if you find a fun one that seems to work well.