Sloaner Science

published Jan 04, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

I'm currently throwing around deck ideas, and this is one that I've ended up with. It's way too heavily stacked for my tastes but I like the concept and it could make for a fun deck. Perhaps swapping a few more dudes and deeds onto off-values will help.

Why would the Sloane Gang recruit mad scientists? To make Disgenuine Currency Presses of course! Once you've got the money from the press, give it to Travis, Jacqui or whoever else you've got on the board who's first in the queue for bullet catching duty so you can get the card draw effect when it discards. It can also power A Slight Modification, as can your Force Field as that doesn't need to boot when you use it.

With the original Sloane home you can slow-drip control in the town square which can force an armed response, even better if you ditch Travis for Allie and apply the pressure even faster. The only downside here is that you might want a gadget or two before heading into a fight and a canny opponent will rush into the town square while you set up to make life harder for you.

Thematically this would be brilliant in a Den of Thieves deck, but you'd probably need to shuffle up the deeds to get a decent amount of control points. You'd also lack a way of starting fights with opponents not pugilistically-inclined. It might work with Desolation Row, but you'd need to run the job early to get some rock to start building and without a starting stud that seems like a risky opening to me.