Everyone's a stud!

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db0 496

This deck is an attempt to see how well gadgets work in the current meta. I'm using the original MCC to give me hefty discount in my early game, but rather than running away, I'm more than capable of protecting it. 13 deeds and Howard Aswell ensures I will get at least one deed t1 to kickstart my economy.

It's common that I'll have 2 4-stud dudes turn 2 and at least 1 T1. This means I can stand my ground pretty early on if I need to, even though I tend to prefer confrontation once I have more dudes available. As the game goes on, my big advantage is that it's not unlikely that almost all my dudes in play will be at least 2 stud, and often 4 or more!

This deck runs a slight risk in running 3 cards which can fail the pulls, but those cheap QUATERMANs are perfect for taking hits and holding important locations like the Town Square and the The Whateley Estate against control or fortress decks.

The deck runs a slightly looser structure than most shooters but my significant stud ratings ensure I can still make very good hands, while at the same time winning most lowballs and not cheating very often. I prefer however to avoid fights until I have a few good cards in my hand to turn things to my favour. I like waiting for Point Blank and at least one A Slight Modification before heading in, to cancel those pesky Unprepared and ensure my own trickery will go off.

Feb 19, 2016 LordManHammer

This is very close to what I am playing with atm too:


I think yours would benefit from a forcefield or 2 due to the loose structure?

Great fun to stomp around with gadgets and fry cowpokes :D

Feb 19, 2016 db0

Nah, I want more studs ASAP, and changing to Force Field just makes you even more vulnerable to Unprepared. Plus you need the economy to support it as well which is quite tight in the early game, where this deck is the weakest.

Feb 19, 2016 LordManHammer

Check. But then you might run into quite a few hand ties - where I am thinking you dont have the extra dudes nor the hand rank manipulation to survive?

And I agree with starting the original home. I see a clear benefit in your starting posse and not having to bring Specks... He is quite costly in my deck.

Feb 19, 2016 Gozik

Cool concept.

But there is one point that I doubt about. You have only 6 dudes with inluence(+Byrne with additional attire,+skeletons) in deck. That's 16 influence total. No influence removal cards. (EDS just kills bejamin/travis, Wila other expendable dudes, so I dont count it.)

What's your plan against DnD/landslyde? Do you think that 4 starting inluence is enough to advance into mid game and how to actually win late game? Probablly some cp boost like Nic would help?

Feb 19, 2016 db0

@Gozik: May be. I think 16 influence against slide can work, especially since I'm difficult to Pistol Whip. My early influence is only 4 if I don't get an Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton, but if I do, it bumps to 6 immediately, which is enough I think.

Against slides, the aim is to survive enough to thin my deck out of deeds & gadgets so that I see the EDS more often, but I'd have to play against it to start tweaking accordingly. If I suspect a slide I can also change my starting posse to Rico to confirm and then choose more influence dudes as well.

@LordManHammer: Ties usually tend to go in my favour until now, not only because I start with 2 easily expendable dudes, but because I tend to either smack you down with a Point Blank on top, or otherwise manipulate the ranks in a winning position via It's Not What You Know... or Outgunned