Legendary focus

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jaythejester 435

*try to start The Joker's Smile

This deck is my latest try at a foolproof win. Fast control point generating deck can out pace it, especially if they have spot removal. It also might not work well against decks that run protection from weapons, especially from Puppet, Lay On Hands, or Shield of Faith

A deck, that has no draw structure, 4 cards that force a kill job or shootout, and 1 control point. A deck that usually starts 7 cards. A deck with over 20 cards that draw cards. A combo deck.

The combo starts by having La Quema and Legendary Holster on one of your 7 value Kung Fu dudes. Then you have Focusing Chi, Rabbit's Deception, and either Run 'Em Down! or Ambush to force a shootout or kill job. Use Focusing Chi and place it on top your deck. Than, start the shootout or job. Use the Holster to ace a dude. Than Rabbit's Deception to send your dude home booted. Rinse and repeat until opponents boot hill is full.

To increase the chance of pulling off the combo, you have a hand size 6, roughly half your deck redraws, and buried treasure aces out unnecessary pieces.

Have fun, and do be careful of the Harrowed.

May 02, 2016 Whizzwang

Not worth slotting a junior to fetch the holster?

May 03, 2016 jaythejester

I considered A Piece of the Action, but honestly, I think this deck probably has enough chance of getting the holster with the card cycling.

May 03, 2016 NuFenix

What do you do about Unprepared? As if they win lowball, or you join the fight with La Quema, they will just turn you Legendary Holster off, and then if you go home with Rabbit's Deception it's like they played Pistol Whip on you.

Also, why the Heretic Jokers?

May 04, 2016 jaythejester

I know it sounds extremely conditional, but you also really need to win lowball for this to work most of the time. You will hopefully be winning lowball often from home ability, bad draw structure, and heretic jokers. La Quema is not usually meant for joining shootouts, it's for the value boost and run 'em down.

You don't ever want to see a shootout resolution, that's why you use rabbits deception.

heretic jokers don't ace out hen used, help win lowball, and generate cash with jokers smile.

May 04, 2016 Willisbatman

What do you do when unprepared is played on your guy and you cannot use rabbit ? ( because if I remember right unprepared makes it so you can't do techniques)

May 04, 2016 jaythejester

'dudes are never considered to be using abilities on action cards. Unprepared therefore cannot prevent a dude from performing a technique.' -gamesmeister

and, yes there are cards that counter this deck that can ruin your day.