Inventing Control Points

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jaythejester 435

Jesters industries is back with yet another way to abusively win doomtown without having any fun what so ever.

Lets just cut to the chase, Louis Pasteur with 2x Martys attached becomes a Mad Scientist 4. When you pay 1 GR he makes a mad scientist skill test, and if you pull a Showboating he gets a Control Point for succeeding his test by 5.

To generate money we have a ton of Out Of Town deeds. Point of fact, all of them. Arnold Stewart should help you find a few of those. We also have Doomsday Supply and Disgenuine Currency Press to crank out a ton of income, and possibly do some showboating. Don't forget to use William Specks to pay for out of town deeds, and cost 2 gadgets. Mechanical Horse is in the deck working with Buckin' Billy Ballard, Chuan "Jen" Qí and Long Strides Ranch, and as a means of moving around the board. It also help protect against Run 'Em Down!.

Try to keep your control points spread evenly between your scientists. Do not get into shootouts if they can be avoided. Force Field may help you survive a forced call out, but they are more to slow opponents down, since they won't engage quickly if you'll be able to use the Force field. Smart opponents may keep a spot removal option for Louis, so be aware that playing him and paying to get him his cps will usually trigger a response.

Mar 02, 2017 funtimeteddy

Why would one play a game except to have fun? Winning is overrated. ;)

Mar 03, 2017 funtimeteddy

On what turn does a Showboating deck such as this hope/plan to win?

Mar 03, 2017 jaythejester

It's difficult to say, depends on chance quite a bit, if you draw what you want and when you want it. Estamate would be, depending on opponents actions, around turn 4 or 5 it will have about 3 to 5 cp's, roughly 10 influence, and around 20 cards left in deck. This is when it starts snowballing, each turn after will very quickly reduce remaining cards in deck by about 7 cards, and GR will skyrocket. I would say, if you have too few answers by turn 7, no chance at stopping this deck.

Mar 03, 2017 jaythejester

These numbers are on the conservative side. I have played this, deck, and decks like it that forced the game by turn 5. The math is 46 card in deck at start, 4 showboatings stay in deck, 8 actions draw when played so essentially do not count for cards in deck. 4 gadgets that draw when discarded and 4 improvements that pull those gadgets means 8 more cards that can cycle fairly well. Turns you use billy or buried treasure or grab with Arnold add a card to hand or ace one from deck. Showboating, and cards unplayed on a turn slow things down. Horrendously rough math is 26 cards to play or ace over 5 to 7 turns, and the deck is trimmed, getting winning cp production.

Mar 07, 2017 db0

Ha, very creative combo, but can take a lot of work. And better hope your opponent is not running Burn 'Em Out or a lot of Spot Removals :)