Epitaph OCTGN League First Place - Doomsday Currency

published Sep 21, 2017 | | |
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jaythejester 455

I won first game. It came down to him not drawing enough Run 'Em Down late game (I'm guessing). While Rockergamer did have a ton of influence, I had multiple Mech Horses, 2 Rumors, tons of GR, and Doris in play.

Second game Rockergamer Ran Down Jake, putting me at 4 influence. Game progressed with me playing huge numbers of deeds, getting a couple mech horses down. Still no replacement dudes. Rockergamer played a couple deeds, and kept control of them. Final day, I play a ton of deeds, he gets a Steven down, so I am no longer winning, and he takes winning cp total over my 4 influence. I play Steven. He plays Run 'Em Down on Steven and we tie on a full house, so Maggie and my Steven get discarded. He uses home ability to move to town square. Stupid amounts of Chess, all hoping to get some dudes to have to boot to move around so I can survive the day, but to no avail.

3rd game is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H85GuIoPikk&t=208s (sorry for the quality, I'm still learning recording) Very well played Rockergamer06, and very well done with the league play!

The deck plays like a deedslide, but has some great mechanics going that I feel power it better than a typical dudes and deeds slide deck. The key combo to this deck is playing Disgenuine Currency Press on Arnold Stewart. Arnold than boots the Press hoping to find an OOT deed. Trade the booted Press to Prof. Eustace True who you than use Morgan Cattle Co. with to play a deed at reduced cost. Than Eustace discards the Press to move to the safety of home, and you draw a card for discarding the Press. To further fuel this, William Specks can boot to decrease the cost of many of your deeds or a Currency Press once per turn. You can also play Currency presses from the discard pile using Doomsday Supply.

Other cards of note are Mechanical Horse which is great for movement to close out the game, and are very good on Buckin' Billy Ballard and Doris Powell. Buried Treasure improves the speed of the deck by increasing economy, acing out Doomsday Supplies and Presses when your drowning in Ghost Rock. Travis Moone is my starting grifter to improve the chances of having a strong opening hand. If I'm piling up with Currency Presses, I will trade them to him and play him suicidaly to get the presses discarded to draw more cards, which at the end game, it all about having more cards.

A huge THANK YOU to Pine Box Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group for making our League officially supported and for continuing my favorite game. And thank you Prodigy for your work running the league.

Sep 21, 2017 Prodigy

I love how this deck doesn't really look at all like a slide deck at first: 2 wealth, 1 income?! And Travis Moone? Surely if he were playing slide he'd put Irving Patterson in there instead of Travis, or at least have a lot more starting GR!

All you have to do is watch the beginning of the video to see how incredibly explosive this decks first turn can be. I don't think any other slide deck could ever have a start like that.

Congratulations on the win!

PS. How the hell did you manage a full house with this structure, even with Stevens 3 stud?!

Sep 21, 2017 jaythejester

Cheating 10 and 8 if I recall correctly. The deck had filtered some cards out already, but yes I got a bit lucky there, though it didn't do much good.

Sep 23, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations! Decks like this, plus dudes like Danny Wilde and Clementine Lepp make a great case for horse decks mixing in some copies of Kidnappin' alongside Run 'Em Down! to help cope with any opposing horses.

As with the other finalist, it is good to see a deck doing well despite starting with two upkeep.

Bravo for putting various pieces together to make a scientific slide, nice that the card pool is big enough to allow for this and glad that the final made it to three matches. :)