Decimating and Regulating

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Prodigy 695

(Edit: This should have the legend Darius Hellstromme)

Deck I used in the Milwaukee Servitor event this weekend, which drew 7 folks for a very fun 3 rounds of Doomtown. My only goal for the event was to use a deck with Decimator Array , which is by far my favorite new card from TCaR. I haven't seen a card with such potential depth since Putting The Pieces Together, and despite thinking a LOT about this card and playing some games, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface with its potential.

For this iteration, I went with 34 hearts, 15x7 as the backup value. I got into a lot of shootouts, and was very surprised at how often I was able to get a straight flush. A couple of times I managed a legal 4oaK with 7's, and another time a legal 5oaK, but overall it was straight-flush city.

Flush/SF decks require LOTS of cheatin punishment, so LeMat Revolver , Quickdraw Handgun, and Devil's Six Gun fit the bill nicely, with all of them being searchable by x4 Doomsday Supply. The single Comin' Up Roses was nice, and I wish I could have 4 of them, but spot removal is just too important and won out (which, despite not playing against slide, very often came in handy).

Basic strategy is to get as many Decimator Arrays as possible, at least one cheatin' res, and dominate all future shootouts. Doomsday Supply is the real glue that holds his deck together, giving you reliable options to search out any missing piece of the puzzle, and with the large number of hearts (34), we have lots of toolbox options to deal with various scenarios.

This deck has a lot of fun interactions, including:

*Chuan "Jen" Qí + Aetheric Shockwave Inducer = instant 6 stud

*Jen + Decimator Array = +2 bullets, +1 inf, -1 upkeep, and an awesome resolution

*The Grey Man + Aetheric = 7 bullets to send people home

*likewise Grey Man + 2 Hydro-Puncher's (or hydro and a Yagns) = 7 bullets to send home, plus he's a stud!

*likewise Aetheric or 2 hydros on Nathan Shane

*Luke, the Errand Boy allows for the typical moving around of Bio-Charged Neutralizer, but more importantly for this deck is his ability to throw a Decimator Array onto William Specks or another Mad Scientist at the end of the day. Then at the beginning of the next day trade it to someone who is likely to get into a shootout, then pop it back onto the mad scientist with Luke at the end of the day. It becomes a +1 income gadget almost every time its played.

*Force Field + Decimator Array means you don't have to lose a dude if you tie hand ranks, in addition to allowing a rank 1-4 into a rank 11 every time decimator is used, assuming you have the cash for FF.

Overall I had very low expectations going into this tournament, but the deck performed very well. Regulators and Jen both provide lots of studs to make those straight flushes, and even when your income is low, Specks can get you through to equip most of the things that you'll need.

Speaking of income, however, that is a main weakness in this deck. There are only 4 deeds, but I was hoping the combination of the Disgenuine Currency Press and doomsdays would be enough to get by. Even getting one Currency Press is often enough to really keep things going smoothly, but income can certainly be a problem if you don't find any deeds or presses. Decimator Array also helps here, so while income is rarely fantastic, it is usually enough to get by.

Overall its a very fun deck. Just make sure you try to only put 1 of each hearts value on the board (except for values 4-6, get all those out you want), and unless they have multiple stud reducing abilities, you can pretty regularly draw SFs. Very few clubs means Aetheric and Asyncoil Gun have very good chances, although hilariously the one single time I used Asyncoil I pulled a club... Luke blew himself up spectacularly! Fun times were had.

Nov 06, 2017 Prodigy

Oops, this should also have Darius Hellstromme I didn't have it in originally, but with so few deeds it is necessary for the CPs. Also, I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would!

Nov 07, 2017 Neramoor

I love decimator array, I really love how have two of them make me make bad choices.