Morgan 2x Base Set + There Comes A Reckoning

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Harlath 1144

An introductory Morgan Cattle Company deck with 2x Base Set + There Comes a Reckoning. The four decks in this series can all be built at the same time, excluding the jokers (you'll have 4x jokers from two Base Sets, so you can switch them in to whichever two decks you're playing with).

Your main shooting values are 7, 8 and 9.

Your plan is to spend the early game inventing gadgets to make some competent shooters and build out the town using your home's ability.

  • You have a positive net income each turn even if you lose lowball, so you can build safely unless your opponent has enough control points to win. This gives you time to wait for the right cards in your hand and to play more dudes/deeds. Remember you can spread your deeds either side of your home to help spread your opponent's dudes out. The The Sloane Gang home only generates control points after victory is checked: this can buy you an extra turn.
  • There Comes a Reckoing makes a significant difference to this deck by providing it with a strong defensive dude in Agent Provocateur. This should buy you the time you need to get set up with your fearsome gadgets.
  • You don't have to use Run 'Em Down! to call dudes out - it's often just as useful to boot a dude at your opponent's home or an out of the way deed, shutting down their dude's movement during a decisive turn.

Expanding your collection

  • Faith & Fear (PB): Chuan "Jen" Qí is a Mad Scientist stud who gets bonuses when she has a horse/gadget – she makes putting together starting posses much easier and has good synergies with both horses and gadgets. This set also contains Lane Healey (Exp.1), who is a dude with a way to force callouts at deeds and Bio-Charged Neutralizer, a fun gadget that boosts bullets and turns your pathetic draw mad scientists in to mighty stud shooters. William Specks is another Mad Scientist with influence and he can help you quickly get more deeds/gadgets in to play cheaply.

  • Bad Medicine (SB): Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton is both a horse and a gadget, so it has strong synergy with lots of your dudes (including Chuan “Jen” Qi above and many of the base set dudes). Arnold Stewart gives you a cheap 1 influence Mad Scientist who can add diversity to your starting posse options.

  • Blood Moon Rising (PB): This will give you Diego Linares, a cheap Mad Scientist with influence – he gets a bonus to inventing Horse gadgets like Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton so you can include a broader range of cards and still successfully invent gadgets. This also provides Post-A-Tron (a 2-stud gadget dude you can try to invent at the start of the game and who can boot in Town Square to make Ghost Rock) and Hydro-Puncher (a useful gadget weapon that combos well with Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton).

  • Dirty Deeds (SB): This gives you A Slight Modification, which lets you boot a gadget to cancel certain shootout abilities and non-Cheatin’ Resolution abilities. This is the only “Counterspell” style effect in the game!

A fuller guide to getting started in Doomtown reloaded is available here:

Jul 26, 2018 JGroep

Great job! I find these 'educational' decks very insightful for I am a beginner. Although I'll probably not win a tournament with them...;-). But thanks.

Jul 27, 2018 Harlath

Thanks, really appreciate the feedback and passing it on to the rest of the playtest team. Aiming to have some more these post GenCon. :)