Monkey madness 3-0 at servitor tournament in zwolle, the Net

published Nov 18, 2017 | | |
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oortje 82

Great tournament no time to write funstuff, must watch stranger things now ;)

Nov 18, 2017 DoomDog

Not using proxies? Looks like Wang Men Wu would fit well here in place of Clint Ramsey.

Nov 19, 2017 oortje

Wow Wang Men Wu is briljant for this deck. It makes the kungfu part more reliable. Mr outang tents to die from time to time. I can even up the kungfu a little.

Nov 20, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations, pleased to see the GenCon trend of 108 Bandits still performing well even without 108 Worldly Desires, plus this is a different home and very different deck to that one!

Is it worth risking adding in an Ambush or Kidnappin' to give some removal options? Admittedly former competes with several good cards already in the deck and the latter risks failing Kung-fun pulls, so might be best not to change a winning formula! :)

Nov 20, 2017 oortje

Thanks. I was lucky this toernament. This deck has a mayor flow, it can not win from landslide. I have low influence and no way of rushing dudes at home. 1 Ambush or Civil War might help a little but it will still probebly be a lost game. I chose to play this deck, because I know it can be fun against agrassive decks. "Thunder Boy" Nabbe -Hattie DeLorre tegteam decks were very popular so far in our playgroup. And I had a terrible experience against those decks, because they ready for action from turn 1. I play a similar game but I tend to have a better economycurve and carddraw. So I tend to be better from turn 3. So with that in mind, I face zero thunderboy decks. Sigh.

So what did I face. round1 Shaman: Spirit TrailFire of NanahbozhoMother Bear's RageSilver Pheasant's Bounty. A deck with a lot of movement abilities, a decent draw structure but predictible shootouts. I did ok but was never really able to remove enough influence from the board. I gave my opponent no time to infest my locations with totems, this kept his movement a bit limited. We went to a timeout and I won. i think he could have won if we would have played 3 more turns. There was a memorable mistake by my opponent. he played a Cheatin' Varmint while at 5 GR, but forgot he had to pay for the High Stakes Haven because he cheated himself. If he forgot to mention it himself, he would have killed my drunkenmonkey. It was very honest him. This is one of the reasons I like this game so much, the community is great. A funny moment was when Mr. Outang failed to fire his Legendary Holster at Nature Spirit, then you learn that guns should only be used against people.

Round 2 Mark played lawdogs miricles with Father Tolarios in his starting posse. mugged him from a spell on turn 1. I choked his economy and he was eager to defend it. I think I lost my monkey that game due to a mistake. He ended up with a desparate Steven Wiles to kick me out of his The Gomorra Gazette but a wel placed Coachwhip! (the second one that turn) made sure I could stay a turn longer.

round 3 was against the strong Morgan Regulators. something very similar to this: I mugged him of his first Hydro-Puncher and got rid of the dude as well. As far as I remeber it was the Post-A-Tron because robots cant stand Sun in Yer Eyes for some reason. He was unlucky to not have a horse on turn 1 and I was lucky enough to draw all my sun in yer eyes. Later I used a coachwhip on Nathan Shane while having a straight flush. In the next shootout I had another straight flush and the game was over.

Thanks all for coming. I hope we find more players next time. The game is great to play and people are eager to teach it. The next tournament will be in Utrecht, the Netherlands the 27 of januari. Check facebookpage doomtown the netherlands!

Dec 04, 2017 Harlath

Thanks for taking the time to add match commentary, very helpful and fun to read too. :)

Great to read that matches were played in the right spirit, such as your opponent reminding you of his own High Stakes Haven.