It's-A-Me, Mario!

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Mad Pip Madestro 62

This deck is optimized to play full aggro and reliably stomp-out 2 Control points each turn. Allie Hensman takes the town square with Mario as her bodyguard. Willa Mae and the Moran can be either cannon fodder or play control points themselves off the outfit. Jasper Stone dares your opponent to face him with Mario planting himself firmly in the Town Square. He protects every point you clock-in while simultaneously forcing your opponent to risk granting you more control(and bullet bonuses) through Stone's threat.

The anemic Ghost Rock production can pose a problem, but can be overcome with judicious choices about what to play and when. With a few exceptions, all deeds and dudes are chosen for the cheapness and efficiency, absorbing casualties and wearing your opponent down through attrition. Marion Seville plays an alternate to Jake in your starting posse just in case you find yourself playing against The Full Moon Brotherhood.

Dec 22, 2017 jordan caldwell

Mario Crane is fake Sloane. Will the real Jessica Pratchet please stand up?

Dec 23, 2017 Cadavaca

That's Patchett, not Pratchett.

Dec 23, 2017 Cadavaca

That's Patchett, not Pratchett.

Dec 24, 2017 Harlath

I really like that unconventional decks like this work in Doomtown. Bravo on including an anti Full Moon Brotherhood starting option, I try to remember to do this too.

You can hopefully sometimes win lowball too thanks to the slightly looser draw structure (itself justified by your high bullets). Point Blank is a great inclusion to take advantage of your high bullet rating. Adding in a Kidnappin' and/or Election Day Slaughter would help whittle down influence in slide decks/Spirit Fortress, but playtesting will let you know whether or not you throw out your own CP quickly enough to force them to come after you instead, and risks diluting down your excellent shoout/resolution actions.

I wondered if a Doomsday Supply to get goods on to your dudes when they're in town square could work well, perhaps even alongside a Shotgun to take advantage of your high bullets? A Mugging or two would be one value and can help defend Allie Hensman from shotguns/Soul Blast etc, but you can sometimes just call people out in Town Square before they get a chance to use these (but won't save her from things like Run 'Em Down! or Bounty Hunter, so Mugging still has a place and can also help whittle down Blood Curses, get rid of Legendary Holster etc).

This is a tight and sensible deck, so it is hard to thing of significant improvements. Ghost Rock is tight in this deck, but mixing in 2x Grim Servant O' Death can make for a nasty surprise and is extra Cheatin' punishment. You'll sometimes be on the defensive in this deck as you gather CP in the Town Square, so you can leave your own cheap draw at home and then target them with Grim Servant O' Death to boost Mario Crane (Exp.1)'s bullets further or to turn someone else in to a back-up stud. Two Edinburgh players made good use of this in the servitor series to win the York and Edinburgh Servitor events. :)

Like the other players in the comments thread, looking forward to seeing what happens to both Sloane and her successor to that title, Mario Crane (Exp.1)/

Dec 25, 2017 jordan caldwell

This deck is a beast. It dictates boardstate like a dangerous game of Truth or Dare for keeps. If you don't have a strong plan by turn three, your tombstone is wrought.

That said, maybe to address the economy challenges, consider starting Travis Moone in place of Willa Mae MacGowan and run a complement of Monte Banks?

Jan 15, 2018 Mad Pip Madestro

In playtests, we experimented with Kidnappin' but found that Pin Down was just too good to not have four of them in the deck. Election Day Slaughter had its problems, most of which involved the very fact it had a cost. Ghost rock is just that tight and I may often blow it all on a Pagliaccio or a weapon. As for starting Travis Moone and the monte bank combo, it could work if the deck was not so reliant on weapon boosts. LeMat is deadly to work with whether using its cheating resolution or not.

Jan 15, 2018 Harlath

Thanks for the thoughts - agree on Pinned Down's strength. It often gets squeezed out by Kidnappin', but it is a great card.