K Sloane

Dude • Stud 4 • Influence 3 • Cost 8 • Upkeep 3

Sloane's bounty cannot be reduced below 1.

Sloane and your other dudes at her location do not boot when forming or joining a posse.

"She wants this hellhole so badly, I've half a mind to give it to her." - Dave Montreal
Outlaws • David Hovey • Base Set #44
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One of the most badass shooters in the game! Sloane's main draw is the fact that she's the only dude that has a natural 4-stud rating at this moment. Not only does this mean your shootouts with her will likely be awesome but she has 3 influence to nab important deeds and keep you in the game a good long while.

But wait there's more! Sloane also comes with a built in inexhaustible Roan and also gives the effect to everyone else at her location. She's like a walking aircraft carrier for your dudes when shootouts breakout! Sloane is also a super high King Value which means she's nigh immune to Shotgun and very resistant to those wily hucksters trying to tag her with a Paralysis Mark.

Sloane is however a lot of eggs in one basket making her especially vulnerable to cards like Pistol Whip. Did we also mention once she gets a taste of the life of crime she will stay wanted forever? Bounty Hunters will always be on her tail once she upsets the law! Besides her love of living on the edge, she's also a rather expensive gal with a 3 upkeep cost but at least her upfront cost is a bit lower compared to other King Value dudes like Sheriff Dave Montreal and Ivor Hawley!

Sweet Combo Cards:

  • Legendary Holster - Sloane is already pretty legendary but you give her one of these and she's uh...DOUBLE LEGENDARY!! Right. So now you've got a 6-stud shooter launching dudes into posses left, right, and center armed with a Death Ray that can vaporize anyone you want. Awesome. You can also now include cards of value 5 or lower into your deck and still have Holster reliably fire off! What can you include now that other 3-bullet shooters cannot? Tons:
  1. Useful actions like Pistol Whip and Hiding in the Shadows
  2. Sweet deeds like Pearly's Palace and Charlie's Place. Clementine Lepp fans rejoice!
  3. Really useful goods like Mustang and Pearl-handled Revolver
  4. Classic Sloane gang members like Barton Everest and Pancho Castillo can now be waiting in the wings of your deck safely!
  • Shotgun - If you're not into the stringent value constraints that building your deck around Legendary Holster entails, Shotgun is a great choice! Sloane can vaporize a slew of commonly played 5-value characters like Travis Moone, Barton Everest, and Slade Lighbody other 3-stud shooters with a shotgun couldn't touch!

  • Point Blank - With this card, in a no-frills 1 on 1 shootout, Sloane will outright slaughter any other dude in the game. You can draw a rank 1 hand. Doesn't matter. Sloane can't miss at Point Blank! She can even Point Blank perennial badass Steven Wiles!

  • Kidnappin'/Ambush - With someone else at Sloane's location leading this job, Sloane and the other folks in the location joining the posse don't have to boot to join! This means you can have Sloane ready to finish the job with the aforementioned Point Blank and the other dudes can still use Pistol Whip!