Law Dog's Deck (Trial Build)

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Bashby75 16

My first attempt at building. Will be testing it tomorrow night. Would appreciate advice on how to make it better.

May 16, 2018 RNash

The first recommendation I would make would be to tighten up your draw structure. Even with just 1 core you can get a pretty tightly structured 2 value full house deck (12+ cards of the same value for 2 different values, then fill with whatever you want). This will make Bottom Dealin' a little worse, but in general will improve your ability to win shootouts. You have a good start with your 2s, especially if you add in Peacemakers. I would pick another value and add more cards in of that value as well. In the core box, As 3s and 8s are all solid choices for this kind of deck, though you can make most values work.

I would also recommend starting cheaper dudes. Specifically I would not start Prescott Utter, and would instead start Clementine Lepp. This will give you more starting money, and less upkeep you have to pay. One of the biggest downsides to Law Dogs is their economy, but you can alleviate that with a cheaper starting posse.

I'm sure you'll see this in playtesting, but some of these cards are not as exciting as they look. Sheriff Dave Montreal will definitely make your opponent's life hard, but he is so expensive that you will likely never get to actually play him. Buffalo Rifle is only as good as the dude it is on, and even then only if you can make it threatening through good movement plays and area control. Telegraph Office seems like it will make a ton of money, but in my experience it tends to just break even.

Also, don't be afraid to splash in some out of faction dudes, especially ones without influence. Allie Hensman is very good in this kind of deck, being both a cheap shooter and a win condition.

Take a look at this deck. While that is a learn-to-play deck designed to teach rather than compete, it still has pretty solid fundamentals.

May 17, 2018 Harlath

Seconding the point on tightening up the draw structure, although specifics beyond that rely on which expansions you have and if you have 2x the base set. :)

Even without adding anotehr base set/expansions you can tighten things up a bit by adding duplicate versions of your best deeds, a second peace maker etc. Makes shootouts much more consistent, rewarding the player who put themselves in a better shootout position and had more bullets/good actions.

Seconding the point on starting posses - the game is frustrating if you don't have ghost rock to pay for cards, so dropping Prescott Utter for Clementine Lepp will mean you're making a minimum of 1GR a turn. Xiong "Wendy" Cheng is strong, but I'd even be tempted to replace her as a starter with Abram Grothe to save another ghost rock so you have enough to afford most deeds on turn 1. The base set starting Law Dog dudes aren't wonderful, but some of the expansions make a huge difference.

Would be tempted to increase the cheatin' punishment too, perhaps adding Coachwhip! as it is in the base set and strong.

Solid starting point here - I like the Bounty Hunter and Point Blank combo. Could even make 8 one of your core values, lots of good LD cards on 8.

This link has some example decks (albeit needs two base sets) and a guide to various expansions:

May 18, 2018 Bashby75

So, not surprising. This deck did not do well at all at play testing. I am currently working on a major rebuild of this deck and will post asap.