Tlazolteotl's curse (9th place York Tombstone event 9/6/18)

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caelreth 96

Use the shamans to throw down totems on your opponent's deeds, and then use all the various movement abilities to prevent your opponent from being able to defend their deeds, or to pull dudes out of place and engage them in shootouts where you have the advantage.

This deck tends to go to time, so keep an eye on the clock and bear in mind that you can throw all your dudes at home at a deed with a totem for a quick boost of influence!

Round 1: Vince Beyond the Veil & Raven A mirror match! This match got silly quickly with both of us throwing down many Spirit Trails, meaning that most of the town was adjacent to each other, including the out-of-town deeds. I finally got into a shootout that favoured me by moving to a deed with his The Pack Awakens totem on it and using it to ensure I had more bullets (to avoid the Raven penalty) for a timed win.

Round 2: Tom Full Moon Brotherhood Tom quickly blockaded the town square, with me only being able to put totems on one of his deeds. He also sat a Harvester with a Shotgun on one of my deeds, and I kept that shotgun booted with my Bear Cannon (Mother Bear's Rage) but struggled to make much headway. At time, he had 4CP and 7 influence compared to my 3CP and 6 influence. Timed loss.

Round 3: Jay Law Dogs An early Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1) scuppered me here, with him launching jobs at my shamans, whatever movement tricks they tried. I wasn't able to set up properly and quickly ran out of influence. Loss

Round 4: Logan Full Moon Brotherhood An abomination deck. He did not play any deeds, which led to conservative play from me (I wanted my dudes to be able to leap on a deed if one appeared) He also had Bobo with a shotgun, and Smiling Tom out, but I tied them up with shootouts where it didn't matter if I lost ( Bear Cannon again!) and when time was near, I moved a load of my dudes to Jackson's Strike which had a totem on it. Timed win

Verdict: I did mostly okay with this deck, but I think using Gateway To Beyond (with more holy ground focussed cards) might yield better results. Also, running a deck that usually goes to time is mentally exhausting!

Comments/suggestions/queries welcome! Insults/mockery less welcome, unless they are particularly funny.

Jun 12, 2018 jordan caldwell

Cool deck.

Question: Was Spirit Steed of better use to you than Red Horse's Tail would have been?

Jun 12, 2018 caelreth

No, I think Red Horse's Tail would've been much better, being as I didn't have any non-totem spirits.

Jun 12, 2018 DoomDog

Have you tried out Raven's Ruin? It's pretty cool in a Spirit chess deck. Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles could be useful with the number of totems you have and your ability to tempt dudes out of position.

Jun 13, 2018 Harlath

Great to see you and thanks for the comprehensive report. Some fine wins in a difficult field. The switch to Gateway To Beyond might even help speed things up by giving you the GR/Dudes to get things in to play faster.

Could it also be worth splashing a copy or two of Epidemic Laboratory to help avoid going to time? You've got the dudes and totems to defend it.

Nice to see a lot more EW at York, the Nicodemus Whateley control point cap seems to have freed people to try different ideas. :)

Jun 13, 2018 DoomDog

I'm sure I've said this before somewhere, but I wonder if there's any mileage in bringing more Bears and Rope & Ride. Either just to drag dudes off deeds with expendable Nature Spirits, or to combine them with Spirit Trails to drag an unsuspecting dude into a deed and then have a load of dudes pile out of portals to join the posse (or to take it a step further, point their Buffalo Rifles through portals...)

Jun 13, 2018 caelreth

@DoomDog Yeah, I think this deck needs more totems in general. I had difficulty in getting to the town square though, so I'm not sure how useful Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles would be, though I suppose he would at least be a threat? Lasso bears? Portal snipers? Sounds janky... and fun! I did get at least one shootout (game 2 I think?) where a load of my dudes piled in because the out-of-town deed was adjacent to the shootout, which caught the other player off guard.

@Harlath Yeah, I think in my efforts to not build a fortress deck I've gone too far the other way.