GenCon Top 8 Classic Sloane

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Robert 18

Finished 8th in swiss. While self-made, I had great help! "Looking for Sloane Help" is the decklist if you want to see the progression. Many thanks to Harlath, DoomDog, LPF and oortje.

Nothing really unique here, just control the center and cheat like hell! I really like this deck and it's weakness is not being able to benefit from Barton's ability. I don't mind getting hit with Cheatin' Resolutions most of the time because the +1 hand rank means I'm usually at a rank 8-11 and often puts me over the edge from a tie. I loosened the structure a bit from 16x3. Overall, I think I like it. I win lowball more often which helps a ton, but I'm getting less 5 of a kinds. A huge problem with this deck is facing the Full Moon Brotherhood. Shutting down Barton puts me in a bind. I chose to cheat less because the punishment without the +1 from Barton is too much. It's crazy how reliant this deck is on him, that was an eye-opener. I have a couple months to think about how to adjust.

I went 3-2 in swiss only losing to Jevon and Brandon's Brotherhood (both finished in the top 4!). Knocked out by Joe's 108 in top 8. In that match-up I was sitting pretty. Barton, Allie (booted with 1 control), Makaio (booted, ready to gain a control) and Jacqueline with a Bowie Knife (I think) in the town square; Clementine with a control at a saloon. So I had 3 control to his 3 influence (just Asakichi Cooke, Longwei Fu and someone else at home). I had the choice of moving into his deed worth 1 control point (can't remember the name) or pass. If I take control of the deed I win, if I lose a shootout, I'm no longer sitting pretty. I was pretty aggressive all day but decided to pass. Well, in came some chumps (Luke and others) and several shootouts later, it was Joe triumphant! It was a great game and I have no regrets. I had a super fun time and this community is the best I've ever been a part of and can't wait for more!

Feel free to make some suggestions for dealing with that pesky Brotherhood!

Aug 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations on storming in to the top 8.

Nothing wrong with something tried and true, with your own tweaks to it as can be seen from the list.

Good thought on Full Moon Brotherhood v Barton Everest. Could still sometimes work if you keep Barton out of Town Square and have your dudes call opposing dudes out as they move through town? Similarly, getting in a Kidnappin' (could move to 2x?) can work well if you get it off before they can use their home to turn off Barton. Ike Clanton in 2T2D might give Sloane starting posses a bit more freedom to experiment too. Admittedly cheatin' gets a lot tougher with that set too...

Great meeting you and well done again. :)

Aug 08, 2018 Robert

Nice, I will definitely add a second Kidnappin' - that's a great idea! Not sure what to remove, but I'll start with removing Grim Servant. I'll also test Ike over Makaio. Although that might be a problem with economy. I never got out more than 2 deeds max, but I kept the games under control so it wasn't an issue. Thanks again and wonderful meeting you!

Aug 08, 2018 Fineas von Landingham

Excellent showing Mr. Newaru!

I'm wondering do you need the production from Jackson's Strike and Pat's Perch enough to run them completely off value? Potentially swap for a second/third Q or 4? Town Council and Cliff's #4 Saloon come to mind as being useful for your deck. The cheap control points could push you over the edge too.

Aug 10, 2018 Prodigy

Excellent showing, indeed!

I only had one game, both days, where I was in any serious position to lose the game before time was called, and that was my top 8 game vs this deck. Well done!