Mayor Quimby Leaves Town - Tombstone 2019

published Nov 12, 2019 | | |
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theledgerman 26

This deck went 3-2 in Tombstone, losing only to the #2 and #3 players in the top 8 (including the Cackler!). My, oh my, has this deck seen some changes since it was initially conceived. I wanted to put together something influence based starring one Quimby R. Tuttlemeir, but he never quite panned out. Several iterations later, and Mayor Quimby has left town in favor of, well, no one of particular significance.

The plan is to build up dudes with at least 2-3 influence and then call out your opponent with ...It's who you know. For more niche situations, The Sanatorium plus Forced Quarantine can be used to pick off an opponent's dude.

Several of the jobs are only included at one of a kind as they can be activated with De Annulos Mysteriis, making your dudes a stud as well, which is one key to success. Arnold McCadish is also around to save folks like Black Owl and Johnny Brocklehurst as many shootouts will end in your legal full house vs. theirs. Pick off their dudes at the right time, run home to see another day, and rack up influence to avoid losing to a handful of control on the other side.

This deck is great against cards like Unprepared, Pinned Down, and other cards that modify bullets when you're in an influence-based call-out. Note that your attachments with influence bonuses are not affected by anything that targets traits, abilities, or bullet bonuses (i.e., Unprepared).

Things I might still change? I would consider losing Forced Quarantine in favor of additional copies of the always useful It's Not What You Know.... I might also look for ways to tighten up the draw structure to account for changes in composition as more dudes, deeds, goods are played to the table.