Nuns Without Guns - v1

published Jun 09, 2020 | | |
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Deputy_Greg 21

This is my first draft of Nuns Without Guns. When Joan McGruder was first previewed, I knew I had to try and find a way to abuse her. High bullets plus can't be removed from a shootout, what's not to like?

Hiding in the Shadows, Onward Christian Soldiers, and Holy Roller are all there to protect her. Try to lock down town square between her and Sister Mary Gideon. Use General Store to attach cards while in TS.

For a first draft, it went okay. I wasn't sure about Reverend Endicott as a third starter. The deck doesn't really take advantage of opposing dudes being wanted, so v2 will likely see him replaced with Jake Smiley and Andrew Burton. The former for some more influence, the latter as another blessed deputy for influence and to smooth the first hand of the game, if necessary.

The deck was pretty fun to pilot, but a little slower to start than I would have liked. Onward Christian Soldiers can cause failed miracle pulls, but the bullet type protection is worth it, in my opinion.

The deck is also a bit light on cheating resolutions. I'm considering removing a couple Amazing Grace for Ricochet.

Jun 10, 2020 Harlath

Thanks for sharing the deck and agree with the thoughts on shifting Reverend Endicott over to Jake Smiley and Andrew Burton for more influence. As you already have two Blessed starters I even wondered about replacing Andrew Burton with Willa Mae MacGowan to give you a bit more starting Ghost Rock to use for spells and deeds?

Regarding your comment on wanting more cheatin' punishment: Ricochet is good potential addition, agree with you there too. Retribution might be worth a look too, albeit it eats in to copies of Holy Roller which works so well with Joan McGruder or Sister Mary Gideon. Off value Censure might work? Or eat in to the copies of Tlaloc's Furies or Amazing Grace with Quickdraw Handgun or Ranger's Bible? Former violates the deck's name however while latter has the word Bible in it and is clearly the superior choice as it is almost on theme! ;)

Glad the newer expansions are helping you build an effective and thematic deck. :)

Jun 10, 2020 jordan caldwell

I agree with Harlath's advice to build your starting posse around it's star: Joan McGruder.

What about Padre Ernesto de Diaz, Travis Moone, Henry Moran, and Jake Smiley?

With two skilled characters, this would guarantee you 5 ghost rock to start, and if you draw a single miracle, 5 functional influence for the first turn, with the option to swap out your opening hand. Travis takes a bullet, and cycles back into your structure.