Slippin' Jimmy

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Sauronsbeagle1 75

If I'm being honest, the cutoff for submitting decklists for the Marshall event rather snuck up on me, so I ended up hastily entering this deck that I'd been using to get the hang of the new online platform. The general idea being, if I was going to be trying to sit on opponents' deeds anyway with the Protection Racket, I might as well try and squeeze their economy further with Jimmy "The Saint" (at deeds made rowdy by Ike), Bad Beat, and This is a Holdup!. And with Jimmy having zero influence I might be able to Vamoose for free whenever anyone got angry with him. In my head that little combo, along with Frank's schtick, would be a hilarious and annoying way of spreading my opponents out. The deck didn't really end up doing any of that much, but it worked well enough to go 3-2, missing out on the top-8 thanks to one of my wins being at time.

Good things:

Protection Racket, mainly for the economy. I was never short of ghost rock in any game, and was consequently never struggling with a clogged hand. Five Aces Gambling Hall helped with that by giving me the option to Protect myself if my opponent wasn't playing deeds.

Notary Public was, somewhat unexpectedly, my most consistently useful card. It helped put dudes in useful positions on several occasions, as I was usually able to play public deeds to boot for it.

Alice Stowe She's just the best, that's all.

Magnum Rounds came in handy a couple of times to prevent hand rank tomfoolery, and the extra bullet was always a nice bonus.

Vamoosin' only showed up a couple of times, but it's always fun when it does, especially when used on your own isolated dude.

Having slightly more Cheatin' punishment that I'd usually have. Most of the time when I build a deck I'd include 4 off-table CRs. Having one extra was definitely noticeable over the 5 games.

Not So Good Things:

My total failure to include any removal cards. My timed win and, particularly, my loss against Prodigy's Gadgetorium feat. Force Field might have gone better had I been able to disrupt things early in the game. This mistake was particularly unforgivable when you consider that I was running jacks, and could easily have utilised Antoine Peterson. I'd like to think I'd have rectified this had I taken more time over my deck, but the fact that I didn't was my own stupid fault!

My naive inability to spot the need to change starting posses. Again, in my game against Prodigy a better player than me might have looked at his outfit and wondered if more protection against hand rank manipulation might have been in order.

Five Aces Gambling Hall reducing my starting dudes by one. I love that deed, but I missed that dude. Can't wait for the new Core deed rule!

Rumors GDIAinsley had hidden at least one of these in their deck. I don't like the card generally, but on this occasion I had to applaud just how far off the radar it was!

Dec 04, 2021 DoomDog

Notary Public is one of my favourite deeds. Would you have considered a few more Public deeds (or maybe also Government ones) to use with it if you'd had more time to work on your deck?

Dec 05, 2021 Sauronsbeagle1

@DoomDog Absolutely! I'd probably drop the J goods, at the very least, in favour of more deeds. Even with as few as 10 in my deck I was able to find and pay for several in most of my games, so the temptation to turn this deck into some kind of shooty slide is definitely there.

Dec 28, 2021 Prodigy

Definitely second the notion to pack forced callouts/jobs! Can't let those low-down, rotten, dirty decks like mine get away with their nonsense!

Magnum Rounds definitely gave me a big scare in our game. I don't remember how it didn't do more damage... maybe I was able to make a decent hand with the help of a Decimator or two? Either way, that could have taken out my whole posse, unless willa was there to save the day.

Good game, and fun deck!