WWE - 108 Gracious Builders Top Seed, Final Four

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Deputy_Greg 28

Alternate deck name: "Oops, (almost) all deeds!"

I wasn't sure what I wanted to play in the first WWE tournament. I put together a few decks, played them against each other, and this one performed the best.

Play deeds, play dudes, Coachwhip! in low ball to try and improve your board state. Chess move as needed. Any jobs like Kidnappin' or Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1), just let it go. Any kill jobs or forced callouts, don't commit anyone except the target and hope you top deck a flush.

Ramiro Mendoza is a bit of a red herring to throw off your opponent into thinking the deck has a chance to shoot. While it is possible to pull flushes or even a straight flush, I wouldn't count on it against a deck built to shoot.

Asakichi Cooke and Daomei Wang are movement MVPs. I did not get any use out of Rock Woofstone, which was unexpected. Maybe next time.

Agent Provocateur is cheap influence.

Deeds I would consider cutting once I have something to replace it with: Carter's Bounties - Shooty opponents can take and hold it with a strong stud and I can't do anything about it. Old Washoe Club - Too expensive. Baird's Debt Collections - My opponent can camp it and make money off me building up the town.

I piloted this to the semifinals of the first Doowtown Online WWE tourney. Going forward, I'll probably cut the number of deeds and add some more dudes to allow me to build up my influence a bit more.

Tourney report: Round 1 - Win vs LastWalter playing Fort 51

I play deeds and a few dudes. No shootouts, though I believe Ramiro Mendoza got discarded because he was booted and called out and I didn't want to pay him to die. At the end of the game, I had 7 control, 7 inf vs 4 control and 6 inf. Game time - approximately 30 minutes.

Round 2 - Win vs Yzorderex playing Morgan Regulators

I built up the town, they built up their dudes. After some chess moves, I won 12 control and 10 inf to 4 control, 11 inf. Game time, approximately 70 minutes.

Round 3 - Win vs RogueDakotan playing Law Dogs

Asakichi Cooke was gunned down by a Bounty Hunter. It was the only shootout. I built the town. 11 control and 7 inf vs 3 control and 10 inf. Gametime approximately 50 minutes.

Round 4 - Win vs TheHuffDaBeast playing House of Many Faiths.

I play deeds, he plays miracles and deeds. No bloodshed this game. At the end of the game, I have 8 control and 7 inf vs 7 control and 6 inf.

Round 5 - Win vs Agent006 playing Serpentine Syndicate

Phantasm and Shadow Walk helped out with movement on the Fearmonger side. Blood Curse was a card I was worried about, but they never hit the board. I built too much for them to keep up. I ended up with 11 control and 6 inf vs 5 control and 9 inf. Gametime, about an hour.

This deck performed a lot better than I was expecting. I didn't face too many forced callouts. I was able to build more than my opponents could keep up with. Asakichi Cooke and Daomei Wang were able to teleport my dudes across the street to threaten my opponent's deeds. And with that, I'm undefeated and heading to the quarter finals.

Quarterfinals - Win vs IndigoRielle playing Encroaching Darkness

This was a fast game, clocking in at under 20 minutes. Unfortunately my opponent was starting only 3 influence and I quickly rushed out a town. Final was 4 control and 6 inf vs 4 control and 3 inf.

Semifinals - Lost vs Trimm playing Deadwood Miner's Association

I overextended my town and my lack of dudes proved to be my undoing. Trimm was able to take a few of my deeds (including California Tax Office which was a calculated risk on my part) and play a couple dudes and deeds. Belligerence sealed the game as I had to boot a few dudes across the street to avoid check. There was one shootout that left Yasmin Tian brutally gunned down after only pulling a legal high card. Final after about 50 minutes, I had 4 control and 5 inf vs 6 control and 6 influence.

I'd like to thank my opponents for the games and Pinebox for keeping this fantastic game alive. Big props to David Lapp for running things.

Mar 06, 2022 DoomDog

I'm surprised there aren't a few more dudes in this deck, but going so deed heavy seems to have worked out here.

For suggestions, Fancy New Hats are another good way to increase your influence for slide. Asakichi and Daomei might have you covered for movement, but Mustang, Fleet-Footed and Shortcut could also help with the chess game. I always like to bring a Shotgun in my slide decks - great for chasing low value influence off my deeds. Just make sure you have a dude with a couple of bullets to give it to.

There are a few things that I'm wondering about. If you're able to answer any of these it would be greatly appreciated:

How long did it take people to catch on that you were playing landslide?

Did your opponents change up their approach once they noticed?

Did anyone you faced mention their deck contained things to help against slide, but they just didn't draw them?

Mar 29, 2022 Prodigy

I had the same questions as Doomdog, plus one more: Did the ability to make a flush ever help threaten or win a shootout, where you might normally not in a weaker structure?