Dude • Draw 3 • Influence 1 • Cost 5 • Upkeep 1

Noon: Move Kevin (without booting) to the same location as a Huckster. Kevin becomes a stud.

"Little guy follows Mr. Hawley everywhere he goes. It'd be adorable if it wasn't so darned creepy." - Lucy Clover
• Mark Behm • Base Set #11 | Weird West Edition #49
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While not the type of card you build a deck around, Kevin can be a good addition to a Fourth Ring huckster deck. His value is high enough to succeed on nearly any Hex pulls. He shares his value with Tyxarglenak and Forget, two cards that are good for filling out a huckster deck, as well other great J values, like Jackson's Strike. On his own, he is a mediocre card; not expensive, but 1 influence and 3 draw isn't going to make much of a difference on the board. Kevin's key feature is of course his ability. Its great because it allows a 3-stud to pop up anywhere on the board. You may usually be cautious about sending your best Hucksters into a shootout, but with Kevin, you can feel free to use them aggressively, knowing that Kevin can come to the rescue. Definitely a consideration if you're looking to add some firepower to a Huckster focused deck.