Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 2 • Cost 7 • Upkeep 1
Mad Scientist 0

When James enters a posse, place 4 ghost rock on him. The ghost rock may be used to pay for Shootout abilities (it is not a bounty). Discard his unused ghost rock after the shootout.

"He always seems to have a trick up his sleeve." - Max Baine
Entrepreneurs • Jonathan Moore • Base Set #28
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I agree with the previous reviews that James Ghetty is a fine and versatile character on a good value: strong influence, a back-up stud and an emergency mad-scientist. A small but important disagreement with a previous review however: James Ghetty can only pay for Shootout Abilities, so his trait can't help pay for boosting your hand rank with Force Field. Same thing applies for paying for It's Not What You Know..., Cheatin' Varmint and so on. He can only pay the printed (bottom left corner) cost of "Shooutout" abilities (so no using it to pay for the previously mentioned reacts/resolution plays). As noted in the collected rulings this means he can't pay to return An Accidental Reunion back to your hand.

Still a fun card, but make sure your opponents don't make his trait stronger than it is by using the ghost rock more flexibly than intended!

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Thank you guys for having a second look at this gentlemen. As many thoughts about James Ghetty were already discussed earlier, I'll mention a few cards he might be interesting choice to play with.

From the same base set these are Rémy LaPointe and Flame-Thrower because of obvious reasons.

I can find three action cards which may be played cheaper, or for free, thanks to Ghetty's trait: Rite Of Profane Abstersion, Serendipitous Arrival and the most interesting here in my opinion due to high cost and the same value: Hired Help.

It's worth noting that Lillian Morgan has the same trait with different amount and can invite James Ghetty to her posse, producing even more GR to be spent.

I've thought of one deed here: Old Marge's Manor. Useful to store some unused GR for further actions. Also, this deed has more flexibility how you can spend those GR and gives you opportunity to pay for Force Field, mentioned earlier.

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James Ghetty with a Flamethrower is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Ditto for James Ghetty with a Force Field. Either way, good bang for your buck. He was a starting dude for my Morgan decks for the longest time due to being A) a stud and B) 2 influence right off the bat. He's since been rotated out, but he still has a welcome home in my Morgan decks due to his combination of useful trait and his 7 value, as I've noticed Mad Science does tend to love its 7's.

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He's suave, he's classy, he's tired of running out of ghost rock to play all those crazily expensive shoot out abilities! If you're looking for a card that will invent the heck out of something just as easily as he will win shootouts and look good doing it, look no further... His name? James "Free Money" Ghetty