Morgan 3+5+7 Cavalry

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Morgan 7+8+J Plasma Drill 0 0 2
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Morgan 3+5+7 Cavalry 3 3 2

mplain 1630

3s - x12

5s - x13

7s - x13

This is what my Plasma Drill deck has evolved into. I decided to ditch the Flamethrowers to get more low-value cool actions, plus some extra horses.

The deck revolves around Lane Healey - give him a horse, use him to play a deed, then bring him into a shootout even though he's booted.

If you lose Lane you still have a lot of cheap studs to harass the opponent with, plus some backup influence. And you should have a lot of money with this deck, so playing them won't be a problem.

Since I face a lot of Morgan and 4R, I decided to play Kidnappin' and Bad Company. If you expect more Sloane and Law Dogs, you could replace them with Pinned Down and Hidin' In Shadows.

I feel like Morgan is the most versatile faction in the game right now. You can play Landslide, Cavalry, Gadgets, Hucksters - their ability is all-around excellent!

Dec 09, 2014 brystrom

Man so this is what you waxed me with the other day. I got a huge tourney new years eve...been trying to hone that DMH Law Dogs deck but I might have to play around with this...I really like it.

Dec 11, 2014 mysticpickle44

Ah this is deck you've been spanking me with all this time! I Didn't realize this before but you definitely showed me that Lane is an absurdly good value with a horse. He's pretty much a more mobile permanent version of Steven Wiles and moreso with the Run 'em Down! you keep around deck!

Is there a particular reason you chose Bad Company in the deck as your other 5 value? I figure with the investment into Lane Healey that Hiding in the Shadows would be a better fit!

This deck seems like it shoots well enough that it could perform well enough even with lower bullet value dudes. Have you considered an out of faction Tommy Harden replacing 1 Ramiro? Gives you more potential influence at once for late games and If you ever get into "le grande shootout" having both Barton Everest and Tommy Harden in the same shootout gives you a way to net 2 hand ranks even you're both cheating! :D

Dec 12, 2014 mplain

Bad Company didn't really prove to be all that good while I was testing it, true. The idea was to combo it with Kidnappin', either before or after the job, but it hardly ever made any significant impact on the game [it did save Irving once from a rather nasty Takin' Ya With Me though ;) ]. Hidin' In Shadows or more Pistol Whips would be better.

I'm also considering replacing Stakes with more Suns. Stakes are good to counter Pistol Whip or to attack someone with Irving and bring in Travis, but... Suns are just nuts. If I cut their bullets I have a decent chance of winning even without a stud of my own. I'd take Pinned Down but I really want the tactical flexibility that other 7s provide.

I am currently testing a new versian in which I removed Shotguns and other 3s for more actions, so that now the deck can support a Straight Flush (perhaps you were wondering why I got those One More Turns...). Didn't happed once yet =_=

Accordingly, I replaced Mendoza with other studs - Clint, Jarret, Rémy and/or James. I'm not sure if Tommy is better than any of those, but it's a possibility I might consider, thanks :)

Jan 03, 2015 brystrom

That new 6♣ horse tutor is gonna be bonkers for this type of could build in a fall back straight flush draw, not sure what you'd cut though.

Jan 03, 2015 mplain