Curfew - Berkeley OP Kit

published Nov 14, 2016 | | |
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Civic Corral - Origins 2018 1st Place 5 6 7

jordan caldwell 369

We're going to build a Wall!

Managed to round-robin this iron fist o' fifty-four to a victory over the rough and rowdy Berkeley crowd, corralling the ne'er do wells behind a locked gate and throwing away the key. This was our last little tournament as the Berkeley store will be doing the same, lockin' up and moving their entire estate across town. Special thanks to Angel and the crew there. Hopefully see you all in time for the Berkeley Outlaw 2017...

Soon as Morgan Regulators dropped I wanted to make a deck for it - between the gorgeous art, the wacky trait, and the amazing ability, I didn't think things could get much better than Morgan Stables, but I was wrong. Tempted as I was to use cards like Shiny Things and Ridden Down, which I imagine many folks to be doin', instead my interpretation of the home's trait is freedom from needing to include "spot removal" (targeted dude removal like Ambush or Kidnappin') as a benchmark in deck construction. Instead what I ended up with is a new home for a bunch of old cards, and a maximal use for the card Pinned Down, whereby the deck involves utilizing both "uses" of that card (as a bullet reducer, as a tie leverager) to execute it's plan: silencing dissent to the hostile takeover of Gomorra by Big Business!

Since the trait forces them to fight you, lest you purchase the game for a mere 6 control points, all you have to do is remove their shooters from the board while you develop your economy (4 deeds on each value). Buckin' Billy Ballard with the help of Maggie Harris allow you to establish card advantage and exercise a little board control. The 8's (Steven Wiles and Pedro), bolstered by Pinned Down help you come out on top of the "tied hand rank 7" pattern. The 2's (Peacemaker and Mugging) counter common tricks that aggressive decks are eager to employ (bullet reduction like Sun in Yer Eyes and all manner of hearts - gadgets, goods, hexes, miracles). And the off-value dudes either help you move fast towards your goal of 6 electoral points (Doris Powell and Old Man McDroste) or simply turn Gomorra into a dusty panopticon (Jarrett Blake). Plus, the silent threat, there are lots of high bullets draws that can be turned out to vote as high bullet studs, buckin' any polls you took peerin' from your high-fallutin' coach beneath your station into our discard pile.

Like I said, nothing fancy here, just a new home that takes an old strategy, removes some of the fetters, and subsidizes the machinery. So if you are feeling like quelling the rebellion, declare private martial law upon your local play group, or bankroll through your friendly neighborhood tournament, tellin' 'em that Security comes at the price of Freedom. Make Gomorra great again!

Dec 03, 2016 Marshal Lambert

I used this deck today in the Birmingham UK Sheriff event as I had zero time to build anything but wanted a solid looking Regulators deck and this seemed to fit the bill.

For info the deck went 5-0 in swiss (though some of those games were very hard fought!) in a field of 20 players - including some of the best in the UK.

The deck won the semi final, but just missed out on winning the event in a close final which went to time mid-shootout.

Thanks for sharing the deck idea here!