Currency Slide OP tournament winner

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SirLargeness 196

Howdy guys, have a good Slide variant that you should consider if you're having trouble getting slide to work in your groups. Won a tournament with it, facing 108 Dudeslide in the finals. Though that is generally one of the harder matchups for this deck and the game was hard fought, my opponent eventually conceded when it was evident that the game has out of hand.

In playtesting basic slide Vs different matchups, we found a big problem with 108 decks that start Hiram Capatch. With Capatch, your opponent can reliably shut down almost all of your Ghost Rock production which makes producing influence and CPs extremely difficult. As an Answer to this strategy, we focused on cards that can help produce the funds you need to keep up with your opponent and eventually overcome. The most important of these cards is Disgenuine Currency Press, but Buried Treasure and One Good Turn… are also integral as 4 of's. Because of this, its not worth it to go completely Clubless, and Rumors still provides excellent value.

Though we need Mad Scientists in our starting posse, we still get to start with 7 sundown influence, which is par for non MS slide starts as well.

The Ghost Rock this deck can make is impressive, and the number of 0 cp deeds available eventually force our opponent to choose between giving us money or CPs, which really is a losing decision eventually regardless of what choose.

Fun to play overall (I seem to find that Disgenuine Currency Press is a ton of fun for me). Other than that use the normal slide conventions to win, play all your Non- The Whateley Estate deeds to one side of your outfit, leaving the other side for the Whateley Estate, Nicodemus Whateley combo. Does real well in a competitive environment and worth a look if you're having trouble with getting slide to work in your groups.

Mar 27, 2016 dibat

oh man is this the next evolution for MCC??

Mar 27, 2016 kashan

As the player who conceded I have to say that I think this deck is signifcantly stronger than the standard MCC slide deck that has been winning tournaments recently. Currency press gives the deck both more explosiveness and resiliance than the standard version of the deck

Mar 27, 2016 Shouting Tom

What do you typically ace with Buried Treasure?

Mar 27, 2016 SirLargeness

my preference is One good turn first, then currency press and other buried treasures. usually never any dudes, and if you don't have a Club or Heart option and still need to play it then a deed without a CP is fine.

Mar 27, 2016 Serenity447

Im not that familiar with Deeds n Dudes, I wonder how do you avoid forced Shootouts? Can you compensate the loss of a Dude and Influence?

Mar 27, 2016 SirLargeness

Generally we can compensate for loosing a dude with our next purchase. Since a lot of money is being generated, we can usually afford whichever dude we draw. However, if there's decks with a ton of removal jobs or weird ways to force shootouts, then you could actually replace the Rumors with Make the Smart Choice. Ive actually found Rumors to be less and less needed as the inevitability of the deck (and my skill in playing it) have grown. More often than not, I do not want Rumors just sitting in my hand. I want to continue to draw as many cards as possible to get to dudes and deeds, so I will just play them out to get them out of my hand.

Mar 27, 2016 SirLargeness

^However, to piggyback on my last comment, the main reason I don't run Make the Smart Choice currently is it doesn't help you escape from Kidnappin', Ambush, or Forced Quarantine. Since I feel those are much more prevalent than forced shootout effects, I cant say that for me Make the Smart Choice is the best option.