She's more machine than man now... 1st Place Family Time Gam

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TybarSunsong 74

So, terrible delay on getting this posted, mostly due to laziness.

The general idea is to get some combination of two of the following:

Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton Force Field Marty It's Not What You Know... A Slight Modification

Add at least one deed and I can typically set up well enough to start fairly aggressively.

I usually throw a Yagn's and a Marty on Jen as soon as I can, as it makes her into a One-Woman Army for most fights.

Personal Ornithopter typically goes on Irving to stay ghost rock neutral when triggering the ability, and card cycling using the Stables.

J.W. Byrne is there for a backup shooter later in the game, and rarely disappoints.

The single Bio-Charged Neutralizer usually gets tossed onto Luke for yet another 4 stud.

As for the tournament, it was a short three round affair:

1st Round vs. Beyond the Veil (Spirit Fortress) It turns out, you can walk right into The Whateley Estate with a Yagn's without much fear! It took a while, but I whittled down my opponent's spirit tokens and took out a few Shaman. The game went to time, with me locking down his control points.

2nd Round vs. The Sanatorium This was actually a weird fight against a new deck from a coworker of mine. I kept up the pressure on his dudes, preventing him from building up an army. He managed to use Ambrose Douglas to great effect though, making me over-commit influence all over the place.

3rd Round vs. Den of Thieves The 2nd place deck was piloted by someone I'd not seen in the local area before, and came out with a grifter deck with some powerful anti-cheating. This was ultimately the quickest match for me, as I don't typically cheat with this deck (Force Field usually makes it safer just to pay the money). I did get hit with Sun in Yer Eyes early on, reminding me to save my Modifications for those sorts of things.

May 18, 2016 LordManHammer

Any reason for using stables instead of original home? Purely card draw?

May 18, 2016 TybarSunsong

@LordManHammerMostly for the discount to Yagn's and the Ornithopter.

The card draw does come in handy in clutch fights though.

I've won a few fights using an Ornithopter or Carter's Bounties moving in Irving, and drawing into either A Slight Mod or INWYK.