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mysticpickle44 727

This is a Straight Flush-focused Law Dogs shooting deck. It plays akin to mplain's classic Action Mario deck but significantly increases the consistency of a Straight Flush draw with Ace in the Hole. The splash of non-club cards disrupt enough of the lowball flushes a typical flush draw structure sees to ensure regular lowball wins while still being able to pull consistent legal flushes or better with Ace in the Hole.

Draw Structure: 5's-K's [3-4-4-4-4-4-4-3-1]

The draw structure primarily aims for a Straight Flush supported by Ace in the Hole. With enough bullet support, 4 of a Kind/Full houses based on 8's and 10's are also possible.

The main focus of shooting is to pull the highest legal hand possible maximizing Tommy Harden's trait and threatening with Quickdraw Handgun if it is available. Avoid cheating at all costs as there are only a few dudes in this deck and you can ill-afford for one to be hit with Coachwhip! or other Cheatin' punishment.


Wendy and Tommy form the front of the offense being able to take advantage of the stud bonus from Faster on the Draw to mitigate the effects of the ever popular Sun in Yer Eyes. With regular lowball wins, Wendy's ability becomes even more reliable while this deck's low propensity to cheat maximizes Tommy's passive trait. Wilbur is the sole Huckster on this team and should always be in range to be guarded by your stud shooters until he has at least a Mirror Mirror on him. Travis gives you a better than 50% chance to find at least 1 Ace in the Hole in your opening hand.

The other included dudes are Stud shooting powerhouses that can be dredged with Recruitment Drive to help close out the game.


These can be put into 2 categories:

Shootout Advantage: (Pistol Whip, Faster on the Draw, Pinned Down, Cheatin' Varmit, Unprepared, Hex Slinging, It's Not What You Know, Point Blank)

These form the bulk of your Action cards and will force a great deal more Cheatin' hands which you can punish with hand rank manipulation cards like Tommy Harden, Cheatin' Varmit, It's Now What you Know, or Quickdraw Handgun. If you have reason to suspect Sun in Yer Eyes, it is wise to hold Faster on the Draw until after it is played.

Shootout Pressure: (Kidnappin', Bounty Hunter, Recruitment Drive, A Coach Comes to Town)

These cards are used to force Shootout situations against decks that actively avoid shootouts. Wendy is especially adept at non-booting jobs like Recruitment Drive and A Coach Comes to Town as she forces the opponent to oppose with at least 2 dudes.


These are cards that maximize Recruitment Drive's benefits in increasing pressure to shootout. Early on it is better to fish out Pearly's Palace/Union Casino to establish a stream of income outside of home/lowball so you can pay to use hand rank manipulation cards if necessary. As you establish control over Town Square it is safe to bring out The Undertaker/Pharmacy.


The most critical card in this deck is far and away Ace in the Hole. It gives the consistency of strong shootout hands that this deck's draw structure would not normally allow. Mirror, Mirror gives Wilber a strong reusable shootout action that can force more Cheatin' or increase your chances of drawing a Straight Flush. Multiple copies of each of these hexes are spectacular as there is always a small chance the hexes could fail.

Play Strategy:

Your very first play should be to put Ace in the Hole on Wilber. Without it you are unlikely to win shootouts against even the most modestly built Full House/Four of a Kind deck structures out there if your opponent incapacitates your stud shooters in any way. If you have 4 or more useful shootout advantage cards (especially Faster on the Draw if a Sun in Yer Eyes is likely), you might still be able to pull out an advantageous shootout if you can force them into a Cheatin' hand.

If you don't have a high number of shootout advantage cards or Ace in the Hole available, feel free to sit at home for a day or two collecting income you can use to trigger hand rank manipulation cards and placing bounties on dudes that your Bounty Hunters and Wylie Jenks can take advantage of later.

Whenever possible, leave Wilber out of Shootouts. Even if you opponent attempts a Kidnappin' on him, defend with the others and leave him out of the opposing posse. The man is all jelly and he needs every ounce of that jelly focused on casting Ace in the Hole during the reveal step of a shootout. He can't very well do it if someone pulls down his pants with Unprepared or smacks him in the head with a Pistol Whip before he gets there. Only if you can be assured these actions are not going to be played should Wilber participate himself into a shootout.

Once you've established control of Town Square, start doing jobs to pay for/dig up your closer dudes and begin taking the fight to their side of the street with Clyde, Bounty Hunters, and a handful of shootout advantage cards.

May 07, 2015 mplain

I got decimated! Arrrgh straight flush!!

May 07, 2015 mysticpickle44

Twist/shotgun regularly wrecks most other decks pretty well though ;D

May 07, 2015 mplain

Being able to win lowball often is a huge advantage over Super Mario, I couldn't even shotgun Tommy because of your Mirror, Mirror!

How do you deal with Landslide and Control Clowns though, decks that don't want to shoot and are able to replace kidnapped dudes? With only 3 influence, I imagine you could be slided pretty fast...

Now that I mention it, why are you not playing any backup hucksters yourself? Steele Archer would be an obvious choise, but The Mayor would also offer a win condition, making those Recruitment Drives all the more dangerous and provocative. And a couple Hired Wiles might help you deal with Rumors and stuff.

And of course this deck will benefit a great deal from Gomorra Jail and Legal Instruments once they are released :)

May 08, 2015 mysticpickle44

Yeah just like the Super Mario deck it doesn't deal well with Landslide or Control Clowns particularly well. It only has a few ways to force shootouts via Bounty Hunter,Clyde Owens, or the single Kidnappin' and you know they have Pistol Whip and Make the Smart Choice saved up for those instances XD.

I've found that most times Wilbur is not directly involved in shootouts himself so keeping him safe outside of a targeted removal jobs and actions isn't a huge issue. However as far as impact dudes go Steele Archer and Nicodemus Whateley would definitely be good choice to replace Abram Grothe or Angela Payne!

I'm really looking forward to all the goodies in the new pack myself!! :D

May 09, 2015 Otomo

This deck is really unique and fun!

May 10, 2015 Hayati

You're a genius pal!