108 Klownkillaz

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108 Desires (4+7) All The Best Cards! 5 6 3
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mplain 1642

This is a variant of my 108 All The Best Cards deck, I used this version in the finals of the 2nd OCTGN League against gozik's Clown Control deck.

I replaced 4's with 2's because I felt like Faithful Hound would be useless in a matchup vs. clowns, and instead I took Hawley's Rose and Mugging, plus Bottom Dealin' because I know that gozik is damn lucky and often wins shootouts with minimal bullets.

I dropped two LeMat Revolvers for some Pintos, but this proved to be a bad decision - I don't have a single strong dude that I want to participate in every shootout, but I do want more cheatin' punishment.

I chose to start Hiram Capatch instead of Asakichi Cooke, but that proved to be another mistake, as Hiram didn't do anything useful in all three games, but Asakichi would help me cycle my hand faster, and contest some important deeds like Circle M Ranch and Carter's Bounties.

I also dropped Allie for another Steven (good counter to Paralysis Mark), and replaced Jackson's Strike with the Orphanage (figured I won't get much profit from out of town deeds because gozik can use Shadow Walk to get there, and the Orphanage could save me in case he drops The Pharmacy or the Undertaker. It didn't).

Overall I think this is a good deck to hunt down control clowns (against aggro clowns it would need a tighter structure and a starting stud). In the finals I lost some important shootouts, I could say it was bad luck, but in truth it was more due to play mistakes - I need both bonuses from Longwei and from 108 Worldly Desires in order to fight effectively, just one is not enough.

These were great games, thanks gozik for playing and setting the bar for competitive Doomtown decks, and thanks swider for organizing the League! :)