108 Desires (4+7) All The Best Cards!

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Derived from
It's Raining Men! Hallelujah (3-0 tournament record) 14 20 5
Inspiration for
108 Klownkillaz 6 4 0

mplain 1642

This is the deck that I used in the 2nd OCTGN league to win 10-15 games and get into the finals.

Originally I took goreshde's It's Raining Men! deck, reworked it a bit, then dropped the gadgets and instead took All The Best Cards - Kidnappin', Unprepared, Takin' Ya With Me, and Coachwhip!. This is something I learned from otomo when I lost to him in the Gomorra Gazzette OCTGN League - if you just take all the best cards and put them in one deck along with some expendable dudes, you get a very strong deck.

The idea is to engage solo with draw dudes, get +1 stud bonus from Longwei Fu and another virtual +1 from the 108 Worldly Desires home ability. Then you get a good chance to draw a full house and trade casualties, but even if you don't, you can kill someone with Coachwhip or Takin'. Trade dudes, one for one, but your dudes are expendable while your opponent's hopefully aren't.

Faithful Hound is surprisingly effective now that cards like Legendary Holster and Flame-Thrower show up more often. The most hilarious thing is making the dog eat a Blessed dude's Melee weapon and making him a draw - this is something even Unprepared is not capable of. I am going to replace at least 2 copies with Tusk now that the pine box is here.

LeMat Revolver is an okay card, not as strong as Quickdraw Handgun or Jael's Guile, but it helps if you don't have a Coachwhip! in hand. The non-cheatin' Resolution ability is hardly ever useful, at least not in this deck, where all dudes are draw.

For the finals against gozik's Clowns I tweaked the deck a bit, I figured that Faithful Hound will be useless but I'd rather have some bonus influence, so I replaced 4's with 2's to get Hawley's Rose and Mugging. Check out the Klownkillaz version.

Overall this is a strong deck, I like it more than Kung Fu or Straight Flush builds.

Mar 31, 2016 Gozik

No sunday best in GT version? ^^

Mar 31, 2016 InvertedGuard

How often do you find Takin' Ya With Me blanked? You have a lot of low bullet dudes

Mar 31, 2016 mplain

@InvertedGuardumm, about... never. Takin' always connects. I either choose my targets with Kidnappin, lower their bullets with Unprepared, or engage with a 2+ bullet dude. If you have the slightest second thought about Takin', drop it. It's the top 3 best action card in the game. Always good.