Aggressive Thieves

published Jul 02, 2016 | | |
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TomasNavarro 28

The other starter is Travis Moone. The premise of the deck is to be better in a shootout than your opponent. The strong draw structure, Barton Everest and Den of Thieves usually mean you can win a shootout against anyone.

This is literally the strongest shooting deck I can think of, and being aggressive and reckless wins more often than not, and in fact I'll often power through any cheating cards my opponent has, even Bottom Dealin' and Coachwhip!, that's why you have 2, 2 studs.

Most losses in fact, can usually be tied to your opponent getting a better shootout hand when probably they shouldn't have, or lacking the control to close the game out quickly enough after taking a large early advantage.

Allie Hensman and Hunter Protections are there for control generation and I've tried to include as much tech to counter specific deck types and strategies with cards like La Quema, Peacemaker, Mugging and Nightmare at Noon.