Modern Lulaslide

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PaxCecilia 36

Won a local sheriff event with this. Unfortunately the turn out was pretty abysmal, but I'll take wins where I get them.

vs Redgar - Law Dogs match up where he was running Ol' Fashioned Hangin'... It was pretty rough losing Tallulah "Lula" Morgan (Exp.1) on the second(?) noon phase, but the game ended up going pretty long because I was able to recover influence from units from my deck. He actually managed to pull off 3 or 4 Hangin's thoughout the game and I was worried he'd be able to keep pulling them off and eventually eclipse my points with all that extra CP. Thank god for Hired Guns. The game winning play was sending Nicodemus Whateley to The R&D Ranch by Mustang, and he followed me with one of the dudes he needed to keep me from winning by CP. I pulled a Joker with R&D Ranch, both dudes went bye-bye and I took it down.

Against Wipqozn I faced a Spirit Fortress deck. I got a The Union Casino very early with Clementine Lepp and was able to get a few extra Control Points early on her. Since he was Spirit Fortress he was trying to get his game going while also denying my control. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get enough dudes out and couldn't maintain the mobility he needed to dump Ancestor Spirit's on to my deeds, and I took the game down by just getting an absolutely stupid amount of influence and control points, as is tradition.

And that's it... Unfortunately the turn out wasn't great. I'm a bit sad I took the title with so few games played, but I am still happy I got to play in another tournament before local OP is gone. Big thanks for Redgar for organizing the event, and here's hoping we can get another event going for the remainder of the prizes that we didn't all horde to ourselves!

Sep 22, 2016 Nathanator

Why do you have Grimoires & More, I dont see a use for it.

Sep 22, 2016 DoomDog

I'd guess because it's a cheap control point with production. Landslide decks love those kind of deeds as long as they don't help your opponent too much, and Grimoires and More has a risky effect that only benefits a few decks so definitely makes the grade.

Sep 22, 2016 PaxCecilia

Most of the deck is cards that don't have much of a use. For example I also don't use Shane & Graves Security for Gunslinger tokens or Town Council for +3 influence. They're just cheap deeds.

So what's important is choosing the right balance of deeds that are cheap while also having unassuming abilities that your opponent cannot abuse, or at least abilities that they have to deny me from having. For example, this is my first deck trying out The Highbinder Hotel and it was awesome. They pretty much had to have a high influence unbooted dude there for the remainder of the game so that I couldn't just boot-move my dudes to their deeds and force a really dumb chase, wasting their movement.

Of course there are quite a few deeds that are useful for me, outside of their CP and income, and it usually means that the opponent is forced to leave their influential units there or risk a run away victory. Walters Creek Distillery and Circle M Ranch usually get stood on, and The Union Casino usually needs to have multiple dudes to stop Clementine Lepp from stacking CP.

There definitely are cards in here that are a bit risky in terms of letting my opponent have them. Killer Bunnies Casino can be a big catch up place to park a dude. B & B Attorneys, Notary Public and any Government deeds are where Law Dogs will typically hang out. The Orphanage also helps the opponent out, giving them a bunch of production if they're sitting on 2 CP deeds.

Oct 18, 2016 RichCarter

sorry if I am being dense, but what is the usual grab with Ol' Howard?