A Secret Tunnel (for Daniel Oravasaari)

published Nov 26, 2018 | | |
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Tunnels! (Revolver 3) 0 0 4

jordan caldwell 369

This is a standard control deck.

Play your spells across your dudes, and use the movement tricks to trigger The Fourth Ring ability to build up money and cycle into the cards you'd like to see. The deck's namesake trick - taking A Secret Tunnel to immediately cast Paralysis Mark or better Puppet - requires some set up.

If possible, it is best to avoid shootouts altogether, until such a turn you can use Sight Beyond Sight to remove hostile action cards, are holding a It's Not What You Know... to pressure the opposition to play fair, and perhaps play Steven Wiles or Jia Mein or Kevin Wainwright (Exp.1) to push back onto deeds you own.

Annoy your opponent by using Phantasm, and when the time is right, preferably when they are booted out, close the game by removing their influence via Blood Curse and Rumors.