Sheriff Winner (Cardiff) and OP#2 Winner (Cardiff)

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Andy 204

This is the deck that I won the Cardiff 4th July Sheriff event with. If you ever get a chance to go to Firestorm Games I strongly recommend it, great play space, friendly staff and good 'additional' facilities including food and drink (and a bar) in store. It contains zero No Turning Back cards as it isn't yet in UK stores. We had two tournies in a row, starting with the sheriff event and then onto an OP #2. I'll be honest I forgot there was a potential OP #2 afterwards and didn't have any other decks on me so I played it twice (though I did offer to swap with anyone else if they wanted!)

Starting posse is slightly flexible. If I was against a slower more defensive deck then I would have dropped Angélica Espinosa for Allie Hensman to put more pressure on the opposition. I think I might have done that once all day.

Sheriff Event (lets be honest this is the one you are interested in). I apologise if I get peoples names wrong, I am really bad at them :(

Game 1 - Morgan Gadget by Geoff.

Great deck, really pushed me, but it had no way of 'finishing' the game. I finally managed to bring a strong posse against him, used a ton of shootout cards on him and he two paired. That as they say ladies and gentleman, was that.

Game Two - Des Row

This Des Row deck started Sloane. Now I have tried this out and I am not a fan. Sloan tried Des Rows job, I pistol whipped her out. I then sat on his deed. Nearly had Sloan discarded but he won lowball. However Sloane left the table soon after and that was again that.

Game 3 - Des Row

This was a keep The Fixer on the table build. He didn't have him by the end of turn 1... This then went back and forth I nearly won 3 times, he nearly won once or twice (though I could have got out of it by dropping Marion Seville I was saving the money unless I had to. I ended up victor

Game 4 - Des Row (gee are we seeing a theme here?) - Jimi May

I lost, lost hard, fast, destroyed. Jimi had a good start, I have nothing.

So rankings at that point were Jimi (Des Row), Andy (Des Row), Steve? (LD original), Scott (LD original).

I played Steve in the semis. I didn't know until after that its a LD slide deck, I won the game, I don't remember it too well tbh so can't make that many comments.


Jimi 'Des Row' May vs Andy 'I'm so dead' Wroe

Jimi had what can only be called the worst possible start ever. I had a really strong start. I won every shootout, kept him off the board, locked down his production. Jimi might have made one play error by discarding a dude from hand at end of turn 1, however you want to cycle cards and could he really have afford them anyway? No way of knowing.

Result: Andy wins!

Notes on deck: Everyone kept saying ohhh Lawdogs will kill you, all Xiong "Wendy" Cheng has to do is stop your income ya de ya. Well I have Angélica Espinosa and either Pistol Whip or Make 'em Sweat to prevent that.

Faithful Hound are for Legendary Holster but never saw one, so used them as simple sidekicks a few times.

Destroy their pull ability and hit them with straight flush (if you are pulling a large amount of cards) and/or Bottom Dealin'.

This is a chess deck, you have to consider how you will deal with them defending your home ability. You have to work out who is getting the bounty and how to get your CPs. It is NOT a fast deck.

Then we had the #op2 tourney.

Game 1 - Heidi - Morgan Gadgets borrowed from Geoff

She won the first shootout (rusty player my ass!) so the gloves came off when she had a booted Androcles Brocklehurst in town square (Hustings really hurts people by pushing them where you want). I shot her.

Game 2 - 4R original - Amy (my wife)

Was a close game, no play errors on either side. She locked me down well so I had to use backups for running my home job. I eventually won as my Ambush got one of her main casters Valeria Batten taking some of the lockdown off the board. By the time she had re-pulled the hexes I was in too good a position.

Game 3 - Oddities of Nature - Chris?

I made a mistake, not knowing his deck and took a Shotgun not a Faithful Hound off The Fixer. He owned my face and I killed my entire of posse when after cutting his deck I did the pull for him off the top for a Hot Lead Flyin' which wiped me out.

Side note: I absolutely hate Hot Lead Flyin', never enjoyed lose to win (to be fair Chris is trying to win as well), but it sucks when you do well in a shootout and still die to something you can't mitigate against realistically. (Personal rant over).

Game 4 - Des Row - Jimi

Quote 'if I win this now I'll be gutted'. Jimi had what can be termed as a 'bad game'. He didn't win.

Final - Oddities vs me!

Well I expected to lose, as Oddities does seem to be strong v row. Chris (so hope I'm getting that name right) had a sucky hand, I double Pistol Whip his main shooters to take out his support characters in turn 1. Down hill from there for him, I win.

(I also then pass on #op2 loot as I have it, ebay is not cool guys and gals). (Second personal rant over).

Fantastic day, Chris got to be the first person to beat a standing Sheriff at a tourney! :)

Great people, great venue, I plan to go to Cardiff again. Edinburg next, new deck :)

Jul 05, 2015 bithlord

How big was the sheriff event? Sounds like there was a lot of desolation row.

Jul 05, 2015 Andy

10 for the sheriff and 11 for the op#2

Jul 05, 2015 darthstoat

Yup, Chris is the correct name

Jul 05, 2015 Andy

Oh and to answer a question asked elsewhere yes I normally discard the fixer unless I'm playing an obvious slide deck

Jul 06, 2015 Whizzwang

If you ever sit down against Andy, it's great to have a Hot Lead Flying in your deck. He will walk into it every time :)

Grats on the win dude. I believe your result came in before France's so technically First Sheriff in the World. Well done.

Jul 07, 2015 Andy

Hot lead flying anyone will walk into, I just don't like loose to win.

Jul 13, 2015 repek

Gratz on the win! :)

What was your tactic on the first round? Did you use the Fixer (I guess not - as there is only one Job in the deck).

Jul 14, 2015 Whizzwang

You don't use the fixer to get jobs.

You use it to get a card that you need from the 5 that he discards and then don't pay his upkeep so it doesn't matter that he stays booted

Jul 14, 2015 repek

OK, I see. Thanks :)

Jul 16, 2015 Doowa

How did the straight flush structure work for you, Andy? Did you ever draw it or was it mainly to get the actions you needed anyway? Any thoughts on what you would change with NtB?

Jul 16, 2015 repek

I played this deck yesterday. Went pretty well, but I never won against control mirror. Still - great deck and I may have succeeded with a bit more practice.