The Wages of Sin

published Jul 06, 2016 | | |
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DoomDog 931

This is the deck I played at the Huddersfield OP event on 02/07/16. Basically Law Dogs bounty tech with some Blessed support, mostly because I hadn't played them for ages and wanted to use Riorden O'Lithen.

The plan is fairly simple. Spend a couple of turns building up strength and place a few bounties, then start making those bounties grow with Riorden, B & B Attorneys, Confession and Framed so when you claim them you get a big payout. I also added a copy of A Piece of the Action to help with getting more dudes into play, and it certainly pulled its weight across the four games. Fiery Rhetoric and Epidemic Laboratory were included to provide other options for pushing games.

Several people couldn't make the event which left five of us so we played round robin. As it's several days after the event I've probably got a few things wrong here, but here's roughly how things went down:

First up was George's 108 Worldly Desires straight flush deck. I noticed the structure wasn't strong so went all-in on the early aggro, making sure to play around Xui Yin Chen to prevent him getting a posse full of studs. My deck didn't give me enough control points to seal the win and George was able to recover, play a bunch of deeds and get T'ou Chi Chow into play which swung the game as he was then able to outmaneuver me. I tried to put an end to Chow and Xui Yin but George finally hit a straight flush effectively knocking me out of the game.

Second was Tom's Legendary Den of Thieves, adapted from his Deputy-winning Derringer deck. Unfortunately for him I got a strong aggressive opening and was able to best him in an early town square shootout with the aid of a Cheatin' Varmint then after Milt fled home he got hit with the Ol' Fashioned Hangin'/Pistol Whip combo leaving Tom short on dudes. Next turn brought Judge Harry Somerset after A Piece of the Action, helping me take out another dude for the win.

Scott's Den of Thieves was up next. After some early manoeuvering and a big fight we were both left with only a couple of dudes. Scott had the advantage but a handful of shootout actions meant he couldn't capitalise quickly and the game ended up a drawn-out chess battle as I managed to hold on til time. Our control & influence totals were tied, but Scott had one more control point which got him the win on tie breakers.

After a bye, my final match was with Paul's Den of Thieves (lots of Sloane around!). Paul started aggressively by Kidnappin' Riorden. I opposed the job but without success, discarding Riorden and Travis as casualties. Luckily for me the only deeds Paul got in to play early on were The Joker's Smile and the Maza Gang Hideout. I was able to get some of my own set up and Sister Mary Gideon joined up looking for action and brought a Jael's Guile with her. That and Fiery Rhetoric prompted a Mugging that was successfully defended. I can't remember the details of how things got that way, but the game was ultimately decided by me moving all my dudes into the town square, looking to run Fiery Rhetoric. Paul went for another Mugging before I got the opportunity and went all-in on the shootout. He could only make a cheatin' hand and I turned the tables with a Quickdraw Handgun. With all his dudes booted in the town square I elected to withdraw from the shootout and played Félix Amador who walked across town to Paul's Pony Express which in addition to my own deeds got me enough control to win.

This put me on level points with Scott but he had the head-to-head win which pushed me in to third place behind Scott with George in first place.