Fury of the Soul Puppet

published May 14, 2017 | | |
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Devogenes 37

Good ol' fashioned control, but with knives! Was running 2x Paralysis Mark and 2 Tlaloc's and it did alright, but the real fun of this deck is Soul Blasting/Puppetting people with might Steele Archer. Throw a couple Tlaloc's on the table and you can get 4 or 5 huckster action. The PMarks are still pretty useful even post-nerf, but I wasn't finding them to be crucial. Phantasms can serve a similar defensive purpose.

Backroom Deals is okay most of the time, and hilariously awesome sometimes. Saving 1 or even 2 GR puts it on par with Reserves, but sometimes you also get to steal a Steven Wiles or a Bobo or some such thing, and that's finesse.

Funtime Freddy can grift when the grifting is good. Have a Horace in your starting hand? Grift, baby! Got some other cheap dude? Consider it. Obviously don't do it if you have Puppet or Soul Blast in hand. Starting with either a Soul Blast or a Puppet on Steele is a nice kickstart, and it also pulls those scary low values out of your deck. Eventually papa Ivor shows up and you get whatever got aced back (probably Puppet but who knows).

Don't grift with Freddy if you can't put out more defenses or if your opponent is liable to rush you.

Cheating resolutions because cheating resolutions. This deck has more dudes, more deeds, and less hexes than I am prone to play. The idea is not to be afraid of shootouts but not to rely on them neither. Rumours and Blood Curse means you can win peaceful like.

I wish there was a way to start with experienced Steele. Unbooting hexes? Come on. Cant' decide whether to include him as pull-failing off value.

May 14, 2017 DoomDog

You can start experienced Steele, it's just far riskier :P

Nice to see some love for Backroom Deals, I like that card.

May 14, 2017 Devogenes

You could, but then you don't have the option of popping Freddy, and you're almost certainly going to lose lowball, which means starting with 1 GR.

May 14, 2017 jordan caldwell

Nice name.

Have you considered running 10's in place of 9's?

Shadow Walk helps nicely to set up the Soul Blast and Puppet and triggers the home ability easily, Unprepared could help to keep your Tlaloc's Furies bonus, the deeds can't be beat (especially Baird's Build and Loan and Carter's Bounties), and the dudes are excellent backups - you could even use Richard Slavin's ability to fetch your other knives.

May 15, 2017 Devogenes

You mean have I considered making it into your deck?

I like phantasm. Shadow walk is cool though.

May 15, 2017 jordan caldwell

There is a strong "pull" to run 8/T/Q out of The Fourth Ring, especially prior to the first errata to Paralysis Mark. It was like everybody's deck.

You wouldn't have to abandon Phantasm, it could just be off-value. It's probably (next to Blood Curse) the best control hex currently in print.