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Azarack 5

I managed to take this deck and win my local Peacekeeper tournament. Skinwalker was a star, making my shootouts have enough stud to get 5 of a kind consistently.

Nov 10, 2019 jordan caldwell

Ok this looks wild.

Please explain!

Nov 11, 2019 Azarack

Like the deck it’s based on the goal is to dump your hand by playing deeds. All the clowns march into town square with their handler Karl Odett. I had a ton of influence to keep my opponents from having a chance of getting enough control points. Skinwalker lead most shootouts I ended up getting into. 5 stud and 4 draw was usually enough to find 5 queens or 10’s to win the shootout. I got a bit lucky in that my final opponent wasn’t getting enough cheating resolutions to really punish me for that. Raven would help grab an extra control point at sundown to clench the win.

It was fun to play, I’ve made a few changes here to try and improve the game plan with some newer cards that weren’t out when the original was created.

Everyone got a kick seeing my starting posse full of Pagliaccio. So that was fun making people laugh at the silliness of the start. I was also able to say some good quotes, like “send in the clowns”. I was able to control town square in all the games with Oddities of Nature and the image of the circus setting up in the middle of town amused me as well.

Nov 16, 2019 Findegil

Until you draw into one of your few shooters, you seem awfully reliant on No Turning Back to stop a shooty deck from sweeping you out of Town Square?

Nov 16, 2019 jordan caldwell

Well. -4 bullets probably makes that situation manageable independent of "did I draw a CR?"

Because Pagliaccio.

Nov 16, 2019 Findegil

Whoops, I got my wires crossed and though the Pagliaccio action was a Noon action - my bad.

That obviously helps a lot (as long you don't run into Mark of Pestilence, Peacemaker, Hiding in the Shadows, and so on...)

Nov 27, 2019 Andrew Davidson

I tried this at the recent event in London. There were a couple of tweaks such as adding Essence of Armitage. It didn't go so well, losing 2 games of 3. Against an aggressive Protection Racket, it had to play dudes with upkeep to fight well but then had cash flow problems and couldn't slide. Against a pure slide deck, it was able to go the distance but wasn't able to take out their influence which was turtling at home and couldn't go after their deeds because of the need to stay in town square. So, it seemed to fall between two stools. I'll probably try it again though because I was still getting the hang of some aspects and so maybe I didn't play it well enough.

Nov 28, 2019 Azarack

What did you trade out for the Essence? It does seem like that would be a good addition, but cards are tight as it is (since it is straddling two strategies).

Nov 29, 2019 Andrew Davidson

I dispensed with The Orphanage, Charlie's Place and California Tax Office. Instead, I added the Undertaker, "Open Wound" and Essence of Armitage. Maybe there should be even more Open Wounds for use with Doris...?

Nov 30, 2019 Azarack

Open wound and Doris sounds like a good combo. I think Undertaker is too expensive to get out quickly and you aren’t going to get much use out of its ability, since you’re not looking to get into shootouts if possible. It might do ok to strengthen how many kings are in the deck and lean in to open wound and essence.

Dec 01, 2019 Andrew Davidson

The abominations want to camp in the town square and this will tend to provoke casualties. The deck also wants to ace dudes and then bring them back from Boot Hill and so this encourages an aggressive attitude . So, I'd expect the Undertaker to get lots of business and the deck starts with enough spare ghost rock to afford it. The only contrary point seems to be that Buried Treaure won't trigger the Undertaker. But maybe it's my play style -- like A Fistful of Dollars -- "Get three coffins ready..."

Dec 08, 2019 Azarack

I managed to take down the Pax 2019 tournament with this list as well. This deck has no right to do that well, but it does.