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gurab 3

The Old Washoe Club wasn´ t too busy that night, besides a lonely table running a poker game in the very center of the casino, the roulette spinning not too far away, and a few people at the bar, everything seemed calm.

-No idea what´ s in this whisky, but damm, it´ s good- said Henry Moran while revealing his awful hand of cards.

-I´ ve heard they´ ve hired a new employee at Walters Creek Distillery, called The Mixer, a skilled man they say; a native - answered Nicole Sumner, revealing a four of a kind.

-Heck! a Nomad- yelled back Henry realizing his bad luck - I don´ t like them, they are all crazy people, chanting all the time... They´ ve started filling the streets up with those bizarre statues lately. Mad people I swear.

-You ignorant. -replied John "Aces" Radcliffe after revealing his full house with a painful grimace- They ain´ t mad, only nomads. They just smoke and drink a bit too much and chant to their ancestors and use totems as we pray to our God in front of the crucifix. Nothing to worry about.

-Can I have my money? - Nicole interrupted - Anyway, a bit of art doesn´ t hurt anyone, and they surely won´ t setle here for a long time. Shall we continue playing poker?

Butch Deuces was sitting on a shadowy corner at the other end of the casino, serenely playing his own game, not of cards, but stones. After lighting up his wooden pipe and taking some deep puffs, a bright blue dense smoke started filling the place.

-What´ s that smell? It´ s your perfume ma´ am?- asked Henry.

-No, it´ s not! Where does that sound come from?- Replied Nicole.

-Better if we get outta here- suggested John, not knowing what exactly was happening.

Butch was already in trance, chanting in whispers, his body balancing in a circular motion...The night suddenly turned bright blue.

A handful of shamans spread in town also started their rituals, chanting and casting spirits out of the totems and Chief Stephen Seven-Eagles walked into town square. With a satisfied gace, he murmured for himself: We´ re gonna make the Earth sacred again.

Apr 07, 2020 Findegil

Seems a little light on starting Influence, perhaps use the available starting slot for Jake Smiley?

Apr 07, 2020 jordan caldwell

I second the advice.

Or! Swap in Alexander Sequoia for The Mixer, and add Willa Mae MacGowan as your 5th starter dude.

This will leave you with 3 ghost rock if you lose lowball, which is enough to play all but one of your deeds.

Apr 07, 2020 gurab

Thankyou both for your suggestions. I wasn´ t very convinced with the dudes choices I made in general, neither with the starting posse. I´ ll have to rebuild the dudes list I fear haha.

Apr 07, 2020 jordan caldwell

Let me know if you'd like additional input on this deck's structure

Apr 08, 2020 gurab

Thanks @jordan caldwell
Yeah, I also should improve deck structure, maybe focusing more on 9s and 10, as I like the deeds I have (and fits the nomad theme as there are not a lot of them). Problem is there seem not to be too many options for dudes on that value... Focusing in 8s would be another options, since I like dudes on 8s more. So maybe I should drop 1 Calling The Cavalry and 1 Comin' Up Roses and add another Unprepared and leave the other slot fo a dude. What do you think?

Apr 08, 2020 Findegil

Seems like your cash flow is low enough that Ricochet (or even Magical Distraction) is clearly preferable to Cheatin' Varmint.

And Henry Moran is almost a must to go with The Gambler's Guns.

Apr 08, 2020 Findegil

Owl's Insight could also help a bit withe cash flow (and give you something to hit lowball cheatin.

Not so convinced by Mischievous Coyote - both the difficulty and the Draw+Stud requirement can be a little tricky.

Angélica Espinosa is always a go-to option if you're short of in-faction 9s - and possibly Angela Payne at 10? And then there's Mariel Lewis....

Apr 08, 2020 gurab

Worked a bit on the starting posse: Butch Deuces, Matilda Loomis, Alexander Sequoia, Francisco Rosales and Henry Moran (the piece of fiction I wrote is trash now haha). I also increased the dudes quantity to 12 and decreased actions to 12 too. And toyed a bit with the goods. Thankyou both for your help!