Des Row Blitz/Swarm - 2020 update

published Jun 08, 2020 | | |
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aztecjoker 29

Updated version of my 2018 PAX deck. Replaced Shiny Things with Cookin' Up Trouble, Monte Bank became a second copy of Rancher's Lariat, added single copies of Shotgun and Faithful Hound, and replaced some of the deeds with cheaper options that have come out.

Deck feels light on influence, so Sanford Taylor and Frank Stillwell might find themselves in the deck at some point. Testing out Florentino "Indian Charlie" Cruz, but with the addition of Cookin' Up Trouble, Barton Everest might be taking his place.

I usually prefer to run at least 4 anti-cheatin' cards, so gonna see how 3 works out.

Jun 09, 2020 Harlath

Thanks for sharing the list! Always like seeing decks updated for new cards.

I'm with you on aiming for 4x Anti Cheatin' cards. Could LeMat Revolver on 7 help? Admittedly it is a Goods card rather than an action, so loses surprise factor in exchange for on table deterrence.

Is it worth thinking of Magnum Rounds? It would give you a strong counter to Hand Rank manipulation, and cycle back in your draw structure. Attaches for free too! It is an on value answer to Calling The Cavalry, Hex Slingin' and similar cards that often show up in strong decks.

I like the use of Rancher's Lariat as I feel it is a solid card that doesn't get enough play.

Ambrose Douglas might be worth considering? Really cheap for 2 Draw and quasi 1 influence. Don't even pay the extra out of faction upkeep as his influence drops off before upkeep. Helps you cycle cards out of your hand too. :)

Jun 10, 2020 aztecjoker

@Harlath: Thanks for the recommendations! I like the idea of the LeMat Revolver as a fourth cheatin' card. It's also funny that you mentioned Magnum Rounds, a card I was looking at when going through my collection looking for other options for the deck. I'll definitely add them to my "maybe" pile.

I hadn't thought about Ambrose Douglas. I have The Grey Man set aside as a possible addition. I'll have to think about which is better, the extra bullet or the extra influence and no upkeep. I might swap them both in and see how the deck runs. I'll see how much I miss the extra influence.

Jun 10, 2020 Harlath

I'll confess I frequently forget about playing Ambrose Dougals out of faction, to the extent that I'm sometimes better at reminding others about it than doing it myself...

Grey Man is also a solid choice and offers an element of control, both good choice.

Hopefully Magnum Rounds is an example of Great Minds think alike rather than fools seldom differ! You've already got his basic version in, but if you end up keeping Bowie Knife in the deck then Marion Seville (Exp.1) might be worth a look? He's on one of your values.

Jun 10, 2020 aztecjoker

@Harlath: Wow. It never clicked that not only would Marion Seville (Exp.1) allow me to get a card back in towards my main structure, but that he was ALSO a Seven AND that he paired well with Bowie Knife! Man, I should probably start actually reading some of these cards lol.

I'm going to try the following changes:

In: Ambrose Douglas, Marion Seville (Exp.1), LeMat Revolver

Out: Samantha "Sammy" Cooke, Ulysses Marks, I'm Your Huckleberry

Sacrificing some utility for speed, but speed is the ultimate goal for the deck. Hopefully I'll be able to get some games in over the next week or so.